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How to edit a linkedin recommendation after it has been submitted

I really like Linkedin.  Sometimes it is a bit clunky.

I wrote a recommendation for a former colleague on Linkedin, but after submitting I realised there was a spelling mistake within the text.

I wanted to go back and edit the recommendation to correct the spelling, but it was not clear how this could be done using Linkedin.  There was no clear way to edit the recommendation, it was really frustration.

In the end, I found the following solution, which requires you to click a link you would not expect to click:

  1. Move the mouse over the word ‘Profile’ at the top of the screen and Click.
  2. On your ‘Profile’ select the drop down arrow next to ‘Edit Profile’.
  3. Choose ‘Ask to be Recommended’. 
  4. Page opens, Click the ‘Given’ option.
  5. Now you can Edit the specific recommendation you made a mistake on by clicking ‘Edit’ next to the Linkedin users name.

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