Chelmsford Community Radio C.I.C.

Status: Online, on the app, and 104.4fm
Ownership: 50% Guardian
Role: Off-Air Director (Since January 2013)
Responsibilities: Guidance, fundraising, business development

C.C.R. is the community radio station for Chelmsford I helped to set up.

The station hosts 62 hours of live local programming a week and has produced over 13,000 shows, all available online through a listen again service. Three professional studios are paid for by our community coffee shop. Eleven of our volunteers have moved into jobs in commercial radio. Our now-closed community coffee shop paid the studio rent between 2014 – 2022. 

My fundraising for Chelmsford Community Radio includes:

  • National Lottery Awards for All (2014) Disability Studio Desk 10k
  • National Lottery Awards for All (2016) Community Coffee Shop move and refurbishment £10k
  • Inclusion Trust (2016) F.M. Aerial Transmitter £9k
  • National Lottery Awards for All (2018) Disability Studio Extension £10k
  • OFCOM (2018) Business Development Manager £22k
  • Crowdfunding £37k Emergency funding through campaign (11k online, 26k offline with Michelle Durant)
  • Covid Emergency Fund (2020) – Studio Rate Relief
  • Covid Discretionary Grants (2021, submissions by Vicky Coffman)
  • OFCOM (2022) Community Engagement and Fundraising Officer £20k

Chelmsford is the birthplace of radio.