Community Coffee Shop

Status: Closed September 2022
Role: Advisor
Responsibilities: Guidance

Coffee at the Mill was a funding arm of Chelmsford Community Radio.

The coffee shop was given to the radio station in 2014, and we’ve successfully turned it from a closed failure into a successful coffee shop. All profits from the coffee shop pay the rent for Chelmsford Community Radio studios and fund community projects.

In 2016 I won funding from the National Lottery Awards for All for the Coffee Shop to be moved into a more prominent location to attract more footfall, and the business continues to grow.

The business has had two health inspections, achieving 5-star status (the highest award) each time.

The business was closed in September 2022 due to three factors:

  1. Increased Rent and Electricity Prices
  2. 2022 Cost of Living Crisis
  3. Poor External Building Signage

Read the press release about the closure.