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Is Blogging dead

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6 January 2016 This evening I got an email from an old WordPress plugin  to tell me that my blog was under attack.  Since the evolution of social media I moved away from blogging.  As an experiment, whoever you are, whenever you are from…. If you see this post, please comment.  I expect nobody will as nobody comes here anymore.  Or do they?

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Blogging again…

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…very soon.

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Bruges 2013

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Lille 2013

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Reflections on outsourcing the corporate website

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As I write this, I look out onto our garden. Our garden is overgrown, and needs a serious weeding session. A tin of paint stands near the patio, rusting.  For weeks I’ve been meaning to throw it away.  I’m not sure what are flowers, and what are weeds… and I’m sure a Winnie the Pooh ornament lives somewhere in one of the flowerbeds. One day I’ll venture out, and cut the lawn, throw the tin, and do a pretty rubbish job at weeding. It’ll look OK, it won’t look great, but it’ll look OK, it’ll...

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After reading a weblog about the new free blogging, I’ve decided to expriment with the service, initially by setting up a free blog for the company I work for, to experiment with the themes. I’ve written an initial post about our Learning Management System, which is bespoke to the needs of the organisations that use it, I’m interested in how the plugins work in, and hopefully will use this service more to play with plugins before deploying them on our live WordPress servers. Visit the experiment...

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New website theme

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Am currently working on a new theme for my website, the old one was good, but was very very slow.  How fast did this page load?  Is it working OK for you? Appreciate any feedback! Work in progress…

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How to edit a linkedin recommendation after it has been submitted

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I really like Linkedin.  Sometimes it is a bit clunky. I wrote a recommendation for a former colleague on Linkedin, but after submitting I realised there was a spelling mistake within the text. I wanted to go back and edit the recommendation to correct the spelling, but it was not clear how this could be done using Linkedin.  There was no clear way to edit the recommendation, it was really frustration. In the end, I found the following solution, which requires you to click a link you would not expect to click: Move the mouse over the word...

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