I love writing, and doing creative stuff…

The Escape Rooms I wrote:

The Last Testament – I wrote the backstory, and a couple of the puzzles, Will Hazon wrote the rest. Set in a 1960’s Bed and Breakfast… – Chelmsford Escape Rooms.
The Governor – Set in a Victorian Prison, we used real jail props. My Dad Ivan helped me write this, he invented most of the ghosts… – Chelmsford Escape Rooms
Rob the Bank – We cut up a real van and crashed it through the wall of a bank. All of our sets are beautiful. Customers leave this game often in tears of laughter, it was so fun to write… – Maldon Escape Rooms and Bishop’s Stortford Escape Rooms
Eerie Motel, California – This set is beautiful and the game is huge. It’s based on my brother Andrew and I staying in a horrible motel in America back in 2005… – Bishop’s Stortford Escape Rooms
An Hour to Kill, Hollywood – Ruby Rose has nine dead husbands, teams work together to work out who she plans to marry and murder next!.. – Bishop’s Stortford Escape Rooms, Maldon Escape Rooms, Kingston Escape Rooms.
The Crazy Cat Lady – As with all our games, I like to write characters and tell their story as part of the adventure. Aunt Edna has lost all of her cats! – Chelmsford Escape Rooms, Kingston Escape Rooms, Bishop’s Stortford Escape Rooms
Bust Out – After buying the Bust-Out business from a closing operator I worked with Tom from our team to develop a new game that both was both different and could be played in half hour on a bus, Bust-Out is awesome!
Deep Trouble – ┬áSet under the sea, two teams race against each other to escape certain peril, and then have to work together… Loved writing this! – Maldon Escape Rooms
When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney – Designed for ages four and up, we secured the real Santa to do all the voice acting, kids love it! – Maldon Escape Rooms
The Cage – This is a horror themed game, with the usual humour I like to include in all of our games… – Maldon Escape Rooms

The games I did not have any writing input are:

Patient Zero – Save the world – Written by Will Hazon – Bishop’s Stortford Escape Rooms
Christmas Chaos – Save Christmas – Written by Will Hazon – Bishop’s Stortford Escape Rooms
Christmas Candy Chaos – Save Christmas again! Builds on the smash hit Christmas Chaos (from last Christmas!) – Written by Will Hazon – Bishop’s Stortford Escape Rooms