2013 | CLS

  • Development of CreativeLMS (New Version)

2012 | CLS

  • CreativeLMS Learning Platform national rollout with worldwide resellers
  • Client Manager for Vine East Project, the Learning Platform project overseeing 58 Local Authorities in the East of England

2011 | CLS

  • Technology Design for the Essex Air Ambulance Visitor Centre (using iPad, screens and chroma technology)
  • Project rollout  for Vine East Learning Platform Project

2010 | Cleveratom

  • Learning Platform Client Management
  • Creative Partnerships Radio in learning research in Bedfordshire

2009 | Cleveratom

  • BBC Blast Truck redeployment design and training team
  • City College Norwich Radio bid and delivery team

2008 | Cleveratom

  • City College Norwich Rugroom: embedding rugroom.net and new technology into learning for learners with Asperger’s Syndrome
  • BBC Blast Northern Ireland Mental Health Campaign animation

2007 | Cleveratom

  • NPQH: Reshaping taught course materials by the National College of School Leadership for delivery online.
  • Supporting Stephen Heppell’s Ultralab (1990-2006) Digital Creativity Summer School 2000 celebration event at the Millennium Dome.
  • Developing the research phase (with gifted and talented young people, and with notschool.net) of what became lifeboats.tv for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.
  • Developing the Ultralab (1990-2006) Digital Creativity Summer School 2001 Project, and overseeing DVD production/celebration events at the V&A (again in 2002, 2003 (1) (2) (3) (4), 2004 (international), 2005 (1) (2), 2006 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)).
    • 2002
      • Filming, project management and development phase of Lifeboats.tv video based website (now offline: 2007)) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (review).
      • BETT Goes to the Movies (rebranded in 2004 as ‘Create at BETT’) organising and working with young people on the only stand at the BETT show fully staffed by young people being creative with technology in learning. (again in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)
      • Part of the Input CBBC research team working for ‘Future TV’ department (Children’s BBC) in the North of England to research the future of children’s television. Read the BBC reflection.
    • 2003
      • Delivering the Peace Process Digital Film Project with youth in Northern Ireland bringing together communities in conflict.
      • Fast Track Teaching DVD filming and production for aspiring Head Teachers with Hal MacLean.
      • ‘The Really Creative School Event’, a cutting edge internet broadcasting project with School Heads in Bolton.
      • October/Novermber working at Ultralab (1990-2006) South (Rebranded 2005: Core Education) in Christchurch New Zealand:
        • Promoting the newly opened Ultralab (1990-2006) in meetings, proposals and presentations across the country.
        • Running a pilot version of ‘Input CBBC’ for National Television Broadcaster ‘TVNZ’.
        • Visiting lots of schools, including this one.
    • 2004
      • International Certificate of Digital Creativity (ICDC) pilot project for Creative Partnerships with Kris Popat.
      • Every Object Tells a Story creativity events at the V&A museum for everyobject.net project with Channel 4 Television and Culture Online.
      • Heading up the research and filming team behind the ’14-19 Reform’ National Reaction project for the DfES.
      • Organisation of the creative technology driven side of the ‘Executive Learning Workshop’ for Oracle and global business schools in Annecy, France and the follow up conference at the London Business School.
      • Technology visioning for ‘Pirate BBC Essex Radio’ Project – Celebrating 40 years of Pirate Radio off the coast of Harwich.
      • Researching and delivering the ‘Rural Norfolk Federation Rural Schools Together Online Creativity Project’ with Hal MacLean.
      • Digital Creativity Projects are featured at BAFTA Interactive Festival event ‘Be Very Afraid’ in London.
    • troub.jpg2005
      • Showcasing Digital Creativity projects from around the world as one of the three selected ‘leaders’ in digital creativity in technology projects at Becta’s national conference on ‘Digital Creativity’.
      • Presenting the work of Ultralab (1990-2006) in creative technologies at Jesus College, Cambridge.
      • Korean TV project with Chessington Community College to engage and induct new arrival Korean nationals in school life.
      • Working for the British Council in Thailand to help engage young Muslims in tourism regeneration through film after the tsunami in Patong followed by a period of training staff in creative technology in learning in Bangkok.
      • Part of the steering group of the Essex Broadband Partnership project with Essex County Council.
    • mentoring.jpg2006
      • Supporting the BBC Blast launch the BBC Blast Truck tour 2006 to the Director General of the BBC.
      • Lead Facilitator on the BBC Blast National Truck tour nationwide (London (training), Liverpool, Derry, Belfast, Manchester, Cardiff, White City and Hull. See the tour highlights, read my reflections (1) (2).
      • Overseeing the Digital Teacher Network project for Ultralab (1990-2006).
      • Planning and delivering the brilliant BBC 2 Christmas Ident Project with six year olds and BBC Wales. See the outcome.
      • Part of the ‘eSwap’ research team, a JISC funded research into the use of e-Porfolio solutions in a learners journey.
      • Developed the pilot for BBC Northern Ireland Mental Health Campaign in Animation.
  • In December 2006 Ultralab (1990-2006) was closed down by Anglia Ruskin University after sixteen years of success, and I along with the rest of the team was made redundant. Read my departure message and my review of seven years at Ultralab (1990-2006).
  • In January 2007 I joined forces with colleagues to form Cleveratom Ltd, with the objective of continuing some of the good work of the lab in a commercial setting.
    • 2007
      • Organising Cleveratom (2006-2011) and the ‘Create at BETT’ schools for our stand at the BETT Show at Olympia.
      • Working with Hal MacLean on the Networked Identity project at the Science Museum.
      • Running a Film Workshop on the BBC Blast Truck in Hatfield.
      • Overseeing digital creativity projects for Anglia Ruskin University, Saffron Walden County High School, University of East Anglia and staff at City College Norwich.
      • Running the podcasting side of the ISO conference in London with Alex.
      • Working alongsideHal MacLean and Alex Blanc on ‘Virtually There’, a research study of the use of Virtual Learning Environments in Yorkshire and the Humber region for the YHGfL (Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning Foundation) which was published as a book and DVD production. My roles included:
        • Filming for the DVD production.
        • Editing the eight films for Hal to make into a DVD while Alex laid out the research text as a book.
        • Together we launched ‘Virtually There’ in Castleford. The whole project was a great team effort.
      • Calling on skills developed back in 2000 I worked with MacMillan Cancer Support to turn a taught course for nurses into an online experience.
      • Was part of the BAFTA panel for the East of England judging of the Orange 60 Seconds of Fame Film Awards.
      • Working with students with ASD to design a suitable physical and virtual social and learning environemt known as ‘RUGroom’, a cutting edge centre for students with ASD in Norwich.
    • 2008
      • Continuing work with City College Norwich on the RUGroom project, including:
        • Working weekly with students and staff to engage with new and emerging technologies in teaching and learning.
        • Supporing of rugroom.net software roll out within the RUGroom environment.
        • Supporting training needs to upskill staff.
        • Documenting research findings from the RUGroom project.
        • Design and development of rugroom.tv, a cutting edge television and radio facility being built adjacent to RUGroom
      • Working with BBC Blast Northern Ireland and NIDYA (Northern Ireland Deaf Youth Association) on a film, music and animation project.