Ultralab presents to BECTA audience

Neil Boughen and myself headed into London today to demonstrate Ultralab’s work in Digital Creativity to an audience during the half time interval for BECTA’s conference on Digital Creativity. Ultralab’s international work was showcased to interested participants. Also demonstrating projects were Cambridge University and Nesta Futurelab.

Be Very Afraid at BAFTA today!

Today some of the Ultralab team spent their time working at the big ‘Be Very Afraid’ event at BAFTA. Ultralab played host to a morning celebration of student and children’s digital creativity. The event was supported by funding from the DfES and showcased stunning digital creativity. Students from ten schools, colleges and universities invited questions

Digital Creativity Celebration huge hit to audience at V&A

An audience of three hundred attended the 4th annual Summer School creativity celebration at the Victoria & Albert museum in London. The event, which showcases the movies by the children is projected in the V&A’s prestigious lecture theatre, which they then defend from questions from the audience was an amazing experience, as ever, for all

2001's Digital Creativity Summer School films celebrated at V&A in London

The results from the 2001 project are amazing, with 17 excellent movies. The movies were turned into a DVD and exhibited at the V&A (Victorla and Albert) museum in an evening celebration of digital creativity managed by the Ultralab team. Click to watch the audience arrive. The film ‘Tacky’ stretched the possibilities of iMovie 2,