Harrowden Middle School Radio Show

Today was a great night for celebrations at Harrowden Middle School. For the past ten weeks Hal MacLean and Matthew Eaves from digitalcreativity.org have been working in conjunction with Year 8 Learners and Staff to learn all about radio and prepare a radio show for a live audience. The show incuded presenting, music, radio plays and interviews and lasted for half an hour.
The project was funded in association with Creative Partnerships.
The evening presentation to parents, families, the community and others at the school was excellent.
Some images from the event and the preparation weeks:

Saffron Walden County High School Summer School 2008

Hais and Matt have been working at Saffron Walden County High School to plan, develop and deliver the annual Summer School, we’ve run the project since 2000.
This year the project will involve the production of a live internet television show which will be played live infront of an audience using Boinx TV software. We’ve been teaching televison production skills to the learners and have been undertaking some experimental filming.
Some images from the event:

BBC Blast Truck in Liverpool 9th, 10th and 11th of June 2006

I have been working on the BBC Blast Truck at its first location ever at Liverpool’s Mann Island. Ultralab are working on board the BBC Blast Truck to provide a facilitation roll, while running creativity workshops for young people.

These past few days on the BBC truck have been amazing. I’m really proud to have been a part of the very first location for BBC Blast on Tour, this project is so important to those it reaches.
I’ve worked with some of the finest users of technology for creative purpose in the UK. In a nutshell, anyone who’s anyone in Digital Creativity local to the truck stops… is being asked to run workshops with local young people….in DJing, VJing, Filming, Dance, Animation, Hip Hop, MCing, Poetry, Creative Writing and loads loads more…. We’ve even had the head make-up artist at Mersey TV’s Hollyoaks programme making up the faces of our young people.
I’ve seen young people writing and singing songs from scratch in just two hours, to a live audience……oh and by the way, they could not hum a note prior to the workshop….

I watched in awe as our Shirley Pickford and Levi Tafari ran an urban poet class in Liverpool …. as young people, who started out shy stood up and read out their creative writing poems with passion and pride to an audience….
I saw tears in a mum’s eye as she proudly watched her daughter excitedly demonstrate her animation to her…
One young lad even ran into town to get some scissors to cut up some card to improve his animation…
Liverpool, an awesome place with an awesome team.
Some images from the event:

Ultralab presents to BECTA audience

Neil Boughen and myself headed into London today to demonstrate Ultralab’s work in Digital Creativity to an audience during the half time interval for BECTA’s conference on Digital Creativity. Ultralab’s international work was showcased to interested participants. Also demonstrating projects were Cambridge University and Nesta Futurelab.

Be Very Afraid at BAFTA today!

Today some of the Ultralab team spent their time working at the big ‘Be Very Afraid’ event at BAFTA. Ultralab played host to a morning celebration of student and children’s digital creativity.

The event was supported by funding from the DfES and showcased stunning digital creativity.
Students from ten schools, colleges and universities invited questions from the visiting guests, BAFTA members, and from the media to discuss their achievements and demonstrate why the audience should be very afraid of them.
Apple Computer provided equipment for the event.
Professor Stephen Heppell managed the celebration expressing his ideas for next steps.
Some images from the event:

Digital Creativity Celebration huge hit to audience at V&A

seeveaz2.gifAn audience of three hundred attended the 4th annual Summer School creativity celebration at the Victoria & Albert museum in London. The event, which showcases the movies by the children is projected in the V&A’s prestigious lecture theatre, which they then defend from questions from the audience was an amazing experience, as ever, for all involved.
seeveaz1.gifThe event, run in conjunction with SEEVEAZ was broadcast internationally over the Internet. Neil Boughen, technician at the event and his team put on exceptional technical performance made perfect by the input, interaction and positive comments from the audience.
Prior to the presentation, hosted by Professor Stephen Heppell was the work from around the world, including the project in conjunction with TVNZ (New Zealand), the Belfast peace project and a movie from our friends in Singapore was shown and well received by the audience.
Once again Ultralab’s SMS service accepted over 400 text messages from the audience, who were able to text to a big screen throughout the event.
For the first time Notschool.net joined the project, producing three excellent movies.
Greg Childs, from Childrens BBC, guest speaker at the event commented on how the work the children were doing really did matter to the future of British Television.
Ultralab and SEEVEAZ would like to thank once again the team at the V&A for their support in the project, and to the Children for their once again exceptional, head turning, internationally renowned creativity.
Each child went home with a certificate, DVD containing their work, a Summer School branded hoodie, and the memories. The Ultralab team enjoyed a Pizza Hut on the way home! 🙂

2001's Digital Creativity Summer School films celebrated at V&A in London

The results from the 2001 project are amazing, with 17 excellent movies. The movies were turned into a DVD and exhibited at the V&A (Victorla and Albert) museum in an evening celebration of digital creativity managed by the Ultralab team. Click to watch the audience arrive.
The film ‘Tacky’ stretched the possibilities of iMovie 2, ‘Tragedy’ was partly filmed at 4am, and the girls from ‘Ordinary’. Ordinary is a movie containing lots of face painted children defended their movie exceptionally well infront of a live audience at the V&A…
Teacher in Audience: “Why have you got your face painted throughout the movie? face painting is not ordinary”.
Girl from ‘Ordinary’ Film: “To a face painter, face painting is ordinary”.
December’s event at the V&A was attended by the DfES and the press, a spectacular achievement for all involved. The very first DVD to be produced by Ultralab was built and presented to every child who took part in the project.
The movies have since been showcased at conferences and presentations worldwide. At one conference the BBC saw the work and began discussions with Ultralab on a potential project where Children make their own television.
Click to watch Tacky or Tragedy or to watch the V&A event highlights for 2001, or click here to watch all the other movies from 2001.
Greg Childs from the Future TV department at Children’s BBC was the special guest speaker.
Ultralab Team:
Stephen Heppell, George Variopoulos, Matthew Eaves, Hamish Scott-Brown, Mark Constable, Neil Boughen, Richard Millwood, Claire Gregory, Colin Elsey and Alex Blanc
Some images from the event: