A day at St. James School, Christchurch New Zealand – One of the most creative schools in the world

I spent most of the day with one of the most creative schools I have ever seen in the world. St. James’s School in Christchurch New Zealand is based in a part of Christchurch with high levels of unemployment and career opportunity. For this reason, the school has been classified with a low rating status.

Fasttrack DVD Production Completed and Distributed Nationally

The Fasttrack Community was one of several developed for the National College for School Leadership by Ultralab and originally used the Think.com software, later to become ‘Talk2Learn’. The Department for Education and Skills (DfES), who were the ‘owners’ of the Fasttrack project, requested a training DVD to help users learn about how the community software

First Film Peace Project rolls out in Belfast, Northern Ireland

For the first time ever the Ultralab Digital Creativity Summer School programme went international. The project went to Northern Ireland, working as part of the peace process with Catholic and Protestant children to see what could be created using the Summer School model over a three day period within a community environment. The results were