Cherry Tree Primary School Pollution Animation – Class 7

Matt has been working at the Cherry Tree Primary School & Speech and Language Centre in Colchester working with a group of young people with Speech and Language challenges.
The challenge was to create a stop frame animation which told a story about pollution. Matt worked with the class teacher and learners to talk about the effects of pollution before introducing the young people to video and animation technologies. The group did some research, drew up a storyboard and then produced the below animation, which was filmed in both 2D and 3D.
The group of learners had to practice their communication, co-ordination, collaboration and creative skills in order to produce the animation, which was entirely their own creative ideas. Big thanks to Janet Livingstone, class teacher, and Miss M for their brilliant approach to the project.
Watch the final product on YouTube
Kate Holland, Deputy Head Says:
February 12th, 2011 at 7:54 pm
This is just brilliant and the children are so proud of their work. Well done Matt some inspirational work! Anything is possible if you can inspire!

Wickford CLC Creative Music Making and Radio Play

Matt and Hal have been working at Wickford CLC (Community Learning Centre) a lot lately to help learners explore the potential of creative use of technology for learning. Together they have been running workshops in film, animation, music and radio. Today involved the production of Jingles and Radio plays for broadcast.
Here is a finished Radio Play, the script was written, sound effects added, and recorded by the learners entirely from scratch:

Some images from the event:

Rugroom learners film Asperger's Conference

Learners with Asperger’s Syndrome worked with the team to film a conference about Asperger’s. The learners learned camera technique, framing and how to get great sound. The next part of the project will be to work with the learners to edit the material for internal viewing.
Some images from the event:

Salhouse Primary School Filming

Shelley and Matt have been spending time with Salhouse Primary School (Salhouse, Norwich) to produce films for a Creative Partnerships project they have been involved in. The learners have learned about television production, and begun to shoot their own film about “The Secret Door”.
Some images from the event:

Project Search Norwich

We’ve been working with Project Search, a new initiative to help people with learning difficulties and disabilities to get into work. The following production was filmed as part of one of our film making projects and was made by the learners who appear in the film. We worked on the project in association with RUGROOM.TV, another of our projects.
Project Search is operated by City College Norwich, and is based at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.
Here is the movie made by Project Search and RUGROOM learners with our support:

Rugroom Learners film 2009 Asperger's Conference

Matt from our team spent today supporting learners with Asperger’s Syndrome from RUGROOM at City College Norwich filming a conference abou Asperger’s. For this project the learners had to learn how to use the broadcast quality camera and how to record sound.
Matt has had a long relationship with the RUGROOM project helping to embed creative use of technology into teaching and learning through television, radio and other creative technology mediums.

NHS Mental Health Filming

Hal and Matt do a lot of film work all over the country and to give you a flavour of one of our projects, here are some photographs of the filming we conducted for the NHS:

Our team often work with chroma technology, and teach this to learners in schools too.
We were pleased to use the studio facilities of St Helena School in Colchester, and work once again with the legendary Luc Adams.

BBC Blast Northern Ireland ‘Escape from the Zoo’ Film with NIDYA

I had the pleasure of working Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of February in Northern Ireland with our friends at BBC Blast Northern Ireland in Belfast working with NIDYA (Northern Ireland Deaf Youth Association) to create a film about a monkey escaping from the zoo.
My role was to work with the mixed group of teenagers to film the animation section of the film. Working through interpretors we had a great two days animating in a television studio.

The young people involved in the project lived locally, some were deaf. Filming also took part at Belfast Zoo, and the team were challenged to integrate real filming with cuts to animation.

We used a Sony Z1 camera linked up to an Apple computer running the brilliant iStopMotion.

The young people involved in the project demonstrated clear animation talent with lots of ideas and ways of overcoming challenges with the story and continuity. The final animation sequences were quite simply brilliant, well done gang. Big thanks to Sue Barry and her team from NIDYA and also to Emma, Emma and John from Blast.
I’ll link here the completed film when the BBC have finished putting together the final edit.

Some images from the event:

BBC Blast Truck in Newcastle 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of August

Hamish Scott-Brown joined the BBC Blast Truck in Newcastle to be Lead Facilitator in a feast of film, animation and music. The event was highly successful for everyone involved.

BBC Blast Truck in Glasgow 11th and 12th of August

st-andrews.jpgHamish Scott-Brown headed to his native Glasgow for a couple of days onboard the BBC Blast Truck as facilitator. Hamish’s role as Lead Facilitator is to lead creative workshops while supporting local facilitators as they come onboard the truck to run their own creative classes. Glasgow was a huge success for BBC Blast with film being a particular favorite of the Glasgow young people.