BBC Blast Truck in Belfast 21st, 22nd and 23rd of June 2006

The BBC Blast Truck rolled in to Belfast. Hamish Scott-Brown stayed with the truck while it was in transit from its last tour location; Derry to its new home in Belfast. I flew home and flew back to join the truck and run Clay Animation classes.
While in Northern Ireland we’re lucky enough to be working with some of the BBC’s finest, including Michael who works on BBC Northern Ireland’s Newsline programme, editing together some of the news stories. Northern Ireland so far has been fantastic, both Hamish and I are shattered, but there is a real buzz here of activity and creative output…..we’ve really enjoyed ourselves…..and learnt a lot from the people we are working with.As ever, the quality of the content produced by the young people we are facilitating is simply excellent.Click to view a selection of pictures taken in Belfast.
It was also good to have Ultralab’s local Anthony Russell join us onboard to meet the team from BBC Northern Ireland.
One of the best bits aspects I think this truck offers is the ability to leave with any creative work made by young people. Each young person will leave the truck with a CD or a DVD containing their work, and using Apple technology they are also bluetoothing footage straight out of Apple’s iMovie right to their Bluetooth mobile phones.
We’ve been running film and animation workshops while VJ’s and DJ’s mix music and video in the adjoining room. Outside a cheerleading workshop has been teaching young boys and girls how to dance to music.

Watch the BBC 2 Blast Show about our Animation Creation: Play Now | Play in Popup

Digital Creativity Celebration huge hit to audience at V&A

seeveaz2.gifAn audience of three hundred attended the 4th annual Summer School creativity celebration at the Victoria & Albert museum in London. The event, which showcases the movies by the children is projected in the V&A’s prestigious lecture theatre, which they then defend from questions from the audience was an amazing experience, as ever, for all involved.
seeveaz1.gifThe event, run in conjunction with SEEVEAZ was broadcast internationally over the Internet. Neil Boughen, technician at the event and his team put on exceptional technical performance made perfect by the input, interaction and positive comments from the audience.
Prior to the presentation, hosted by Professor Stephen Heppell was the work from around the world, including the project in conjunction with TVNZ (New Zealand), the Belfast peace project and a movie from our friends in Singapore was shown and well received by the audience.
Once again Ultralab’s SMS service accepted over 400 text messages from the audience, who were able to text to a big screen throughout the event.
For the first time joined the project, producing three excellent movies.
Greg Childs, from Childrens BBC, guest speaker at the event commented on how the work the children were doing really did matter to the future of British Television.
Ultralab and SEEVEAZ would like to thank once again the team at the V&A for their support in the project, and to the Children for their once again exceptional, head turning, internationally renowned creativity.
Each child went home with a certificate, DVD containing their work, a Summer School branded hoodie, and the memories. The Ultralab team enjoyed a Pizza Hut on the way home! 🙂

Beaumaris Lifeboat Station becomes focus for Lifeboats.TV Crew

11-13th February 2002
The Ultralab team headed up to North Wales to meet the crew of Beaumaris, home of the lifeboat ‘Blue Peter 2’. Here we mocked up a rescue launch, showing the tractor and Atlantic 75 lifeboat in action. The footage will be used online on the RNLI’s innovative Lifeboats.TV website which Ultralab is building in conjunction with the RNLI.
Watch one of the films created at the location as James Vaughan interviews a crew member.
Watch one of the crew set off a flare.
Matthew Eaves (Ultralab)
Colin Elsey (Ultralab)
Tony Browne (Ultralab)
Micky Slatford (RNLI)
James Vaughan (RNLI)
Some images from the event:

Lifeboats.TV heads to St. Helier, Jersey

The second of our two pilot studies with young people. The team and some of the researchers from Ultralab’s project worked together to test pilot the filming. St. Helier is on the island of Jersey, it was in ‘interesting’ flight in a six seater plane. The journey home was less bumpy.
The objective of the pilot was to find out what young people who were out of the formal education system thought about the lifeboat service and to also find out how to engage them using the latest technologies.
Matthew Eaves (Ultralab)
Jonny Dyer (Ultralab – Notschool)
Jean Johnson (Ultralab – Notschool)
Micky Slatford (RNLI)
Eight researchers were involved in the research process and provided valuable information. The notschoolers also manned cameras and filmed on behalf of the project.