Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford Summer School 2006 Completes!

The Anglia Ruskin Summer School 2006 completed today. The objective of the project was to show University life to young people who are considering a University education but their parents have not attended University themselves.

Throughout the week the young people have worked with various people across the University, on Wednesday the young people spent the day with the Ultralab team on the BBC Blast Truck in White City London.
Here are the completed projects generated over the five day period:

Black Clouds: Play Now | Play in Popup
Difference isnt Different: Play Now | Play in Popup
Internet Kidnap: Play Now | Play in Popup
The Norms: Play Now | Play in Popup
Under Age Smoking: Play Now | Play in Popup

Lifeboats.TV heads to St. Helier, Jersey

The second of our two pilot studies with young people. The team and some of the researchers from Ultralab’s project worked together to test pilot the filming. St. Helier is on the island of Jersey, it was in ‘interesting’ flight in a six seater plane. The journey home was less bumpy.
The objective of the pilot was to find out what young people who were out of the formal education system thought about the lifeboat service and to also find out how to engage them using the latest technologies.
Matthew Eaves (Ultralab)
Jonny Dyer (Ultralab – Notschool)
Jean Johnson (Ultralab – Notschool)
Micky Slatford (RNLI)
Eight researchers were involved in the research process and provided valuable information. The notschoolers also manned cameras and filmed on behalf of the project.