2001's Digital Creativity Summer School films celebrated at V&A in London

The results from the 2001 project are amazing, with 17 excellent movies. The movies were turned into a DVD and exhibited at the V&A (Victorla and Albert) museum in an evening celebration of digital creativity managed by the Ultralab team. Click to watch the audience arrive.
The film ‘Tacky’ stretched the possibilities of iMovie 2, ‘Tragedy’ was partly filmed at 4am, and the girls from ‘Ordinary’. Ordinary is a movie containing lots of face painted children defended their movie exceptionally well infront of a live audience at the V&A…
Teacher in Audience: “Why have you got your face painted throughout the movie? face painting is not ordinary”.
Girl from ‘Ordinary’ Film: “To a face painter, face painting is ordinary”.
December’s event at the V&A was attended by the DfES and the press, a spectacular achievement for all involved. The very first DVD to be produced by Ultralab was built and presented to every child who took part in the project.
The movies have since been showcased at conferences and presentations worldwide. At one conference the BBC saw the work and began discussions with Ultralab on a potential project where Children make their own television.
Click to watch Tacky or Tragedy or to watch the V&A event highlights for 2001, or click here to watch all the other movies from 2001.
Greg Childs from the Future TV department at Children’s BBC was the special guest speaker.
Ultralab Team:
Stephen Heppell, George Variopoulos, Matthew Eaves, Hamish Scott-Brown, Mark Constable, Neil Boughen, Richard Millwood, Claire Gregory, Colin Elsey and Alex Blanc
Some images from the event: