Saffron Walden County High School and Partner Primary Schools Summer School 2007

ppodcastimage.jpgEvery year our team work with Saffron Walden County High School to undertake a creative challenge which encourages students at the school and its partner primary schools to work together and engage with creative technologies. This year the challenge was as big as ever and involved all ‘groups’ taking part having to work together with each other to make ‘one big story’.
On the 11th of July Hal MacLean and myself headed down to the school to train the young people in four hours how to use the following pieces of software:

  • Final Cut Pro (Video Editing)
  • GarageBand (Sound Editing)
  • iStopMotion (Animation)
  • Comic Life (Comics)
  • iMovie (for use with Reflecmedia kit to allow Chroma Key work)

This is the first year we have introduced Final Cut Pro to the 10 – 13 age range of pupils. We believe Apple’s iMovie is far too easy for young people who are now ‘tech savvy’ in comparison to the year 2000 (when we started this project). Young people now require high end tools as the desire to achieve high quality effects increases, Final Cut Pro has meant we’ve had to teach young people how to edit in the same software the BBC edit the news programme you will no doubt watch on TV this evening.
We’ve also introduced the young people to Reflecmedia kit, which allows them to ‘chroma key’ Harry Potter style! The material allows blue/green screening in any light conditions.
We look forward to returning to the school in October to review the finished products and celebrate success. When we return we’ll be training the 25 young people in Photoshop and DVD Studio Pro.
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Some images from the event:
Here are the first two podcasts which document the start of the project, in Day 2’s Podcast Elliott Williams talks about how Summer School projects have changed since 2001.

Day 1 Podcast: Play Now | Play in Popup
Day 2 Podcast: Play Now | Play in Popup

Cressing Primary School (Key Stage 1) Clay Animation with Six Year Olds

Hal MacLean and Matthew Eaves from the team spent the day with Class 2 at Cressing Primary School to undertake some experimental research into clay animation with six year olds. Mrs Harris and her classroom assistants were a great help throughout the day as fourteen six year old pupils took part.
DSC001801.JPG DSC001811.JPG DSC001821.JPG DSC001831.JPG
Click the above images to enlarge them.
The objective of the day was to find out how six year olds coped with an animation task, learning the skills of model making, story construction and then using computers and digital video camera equipment to animate their story.
The session was the pilot for a larger project which will be held in Cardiff next month, which we will post more about here at when the time comes.
Hal and myself will be writing a paper on our findings. The learning from this experiment has already changed our plans for BBC Wales.
Everyone involved in the project will recieve their creative work on DVD, created using iDVD, here is a screenshot of the DVD in production:
dvdcover.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
We would like to thank Sue Giles, Head Teacher at the school for welcoming us into the school at such short notice.
Here are the files created on the day:

Group 1 (Animation 1): Play Now | Play in Popup
Group 1 (Animation 2): Play Now | Play in Popup
Group 2: Play Now | Play in Popup
Group 3 (Animation 1): Play Now | Play in Popup
Group 3 (Animation 2): Play Now | Play in Popup
Group 4 (Animation 1): Play Now | Play in Popup
Group 4 (Animation 2): Play Now | Play in Popup
Ultralab Example : Play Now | Play in Popup
Meanwhile Martin Hodder at Ravens Wood School in Bromley, Kent created this brilliant experimental animation:: Play Now | Play in Popup

Rural Norfolk Federation

Hal and Matt have been working in schools across the North of Norfolk to embed WIKI’s into teaching and learning. The project is funded by the Rural Norfolk Federation and exists to use learning technologies to bring learners together online beyond school hours. The project will be showcased at the 2004 BETT Show on the ‘Create at BETT Stand’.

White Court School Students get creative at Ultralab in the first 30 minute film school

We experimented with a ‘One Hour Film School’ assisted by children from White Court School in Braintree, Essex.
The plan was to find out if it was possible to teach how to use Apple’s iMovie software and Canon cameras in 30 minutes and for the children to then make a film without any adult help in a further 30 minutes. It worked, and here are the 30 second films, completely planned and made by the children.
The lessons learnt from the pilot activity went forward to create the hour and a half training sessions for all future Summer School events.
Colin Elsey (Ultralab)
Matthew Eaves (Ultralab)
Alice Mitchell (Ultralab)
Richard Millwood (Ultralab)
George Variopoulos (Ultralab)
The finished films are called ‘Watch Top of the Pops’, ‘Wonder Water’, ‘The Mummy Returns’ and ‘Friends’, here they are:
Wonder Water
Watch Top of the Pops
The Mummy Returns