Rugroom Radio Broadcasts

Our team have been working with RUGROOM, the specialist centre for learners with Asperger’s Sydrome based in City College Norwich. We designed and specified the Radio Studio (even helping to win the money to fund the build!). Here are some of the learners broadcasting after some training from our team: Some images from the latest

Rugroom Learners Radio Productions Begin

For the past year Matt has been working with RUGROOM at City College Norwich to build a new Radio Studio for the specific and dedicated use of learners with Asperger’s Syndrome. Matt works with learners and staff to understand how radio works, and to start the production of shows. Here are some images from some

NHS Mental Health Filming

Hal and Matt do a lot of film work all over the country and to give you a flavour of one of our projects, here are some photographs of the filming we conducted for the NHS: Our team often work with chroma technology, and teach this to learners in schools too. We were pleased to