White Court School Students get creative at Ultralab in the first 30 minute film school

We experimented with a ‘One Hour Film School’ assisted by children from White Court School in Braintree, Essex.
The plan was to find out if it was possible to teach how to use Apple’s iMovie software and Canon cameras in 30 minutes and for the children to then make a film without any adult help in a further 30 minutes. It worked, and here are the 30 second films, completely planned and made by the children.
The lessons learnt from the pilot activity went forward to create the hour and a half training sessions for all future Summer School events.
Colin Elsey (Ultralab)
Matthew Eaves (Ultralab)
Alice Mitchell (Ultralab)
Richard Millwood (Ultralab)
George Variopoulos (Ultralab)
The finished films are called ‘Watch Top of the Pops’, ‘Wonder Water’, ‘The Mummy Returns’ and ‘Friends’, here they are:
Wonder Water
Watch Top of the Pops
The Mummy Returns