Darrick Wood Junior School – Thank you!

Darrick Wood Thank You
My colleague Hal MacLean and I are delighted to receive the thank you cards from the pupils of Alder at Darrick Wood Junior School.

All of the cards are excellent, well done class πŸ˜‰

Hal and I visited the school a few weeks ago and ran an animation session with Alder class, followed by an induction into some new software the children are testing for us.

We’re really pleased to have had the opportunity to work with them so far, they are a very smart group. Β The children are logging in often to the software and have been giving us some really useful feedback and advice.

The class teachers, Mrs Tanner and Mrs Davey are exceptionally good and it has been a pleasure to work with Darrick Wood Junior School.

We’ll be pinning up all the cards around the office, thanks Alder, you are all great!

Here are some of the comments in the cards:




It really was a really really good day.

We are looking forward to our return to the school in a few weeks for a feedback session with the class on our new software.

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