BBC Blast Truck continues to bring out creativity with Ultralab (1990-2006) team onboard

I’ve been up to my neck and beyond these past few weeks on the BBC Blast national truck tour.

blast_logo_203x152.jpgAs I posted earlier on this blog, I’ve been touring with the truck to support the Beeb’s facilitation of workshops role.

Hal MacLean and I worked together on the London Event based in White City. Our role was to teach young people film editing and animation, while supporting the facilitators of the other workshops to achieve Blast objectives.

So far I’ve worked on the truck in Liverpool (with Shirley), Derry (Martin came along), Belfast (our Anthony made big friends with BBC Northern Ireland)…. Derry and Belfast were Hamish’s locations, I helped with the animation classes. In Manchester our Shirley supported me again….then when the truck arrived in Sheffield it was all Hal’s. The truck next rolled into Cardiff and I ran workshops in English, Geraint ran the same workshops in the Welsh language. White City London was manned by Hal and myself.

The White City event was based outside BBC Television Centre in an old car-park. Hamish and Colin brought down the young people from the Anglia Ruskin University Summer School for a day on the truck. On the final day of White City Ultralab (1990-2006) Director, Richard Millwood joined the event and even took up one of the camera positions to film the showcase event.

We’re having great fun on the truck, which today is in Trafalgar Square…. See if you can spot Hal on the webcam!.

2 thoughts on “BBC Blast Truck continues to bring out creativity with Ultralab (1990-2006) team onboard

  • mattheweaves
    October 29, 2006 at 2:55 pm

    Submitted by Chris Piekuta on Sun, 08/06/2006 – 10:51.
    The day was was brilliant! Vjing was sick at i am officially on BBC blasts website lol
    From chris piekuta king harold school

  • lynne
    May 14, 2007 at 5:55 pm

    My son and his friends didn’t find out about Blast truck visit to Norwich in time, when will you next be in Norfolk/Suffolk. Also if you let me know where you are intending to travel to we are prepared to travel to let my son James (a keen film-maker) catch up with the Blast Truck. We will be in London over Whitsun holiday is this a possible option. Also I know you will be in Cambridge for the Film Festival in July sometime do you have dates for this.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and the relaunch of your Blast website.

    Best wishes

    Lynne Clayden

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