British Youth Council Conference 2008 – Animation Sessions

It was great to be invited by the British Youth Council to Nottingham to run an hour animation session with the young people involved in the 2008 Conference. Young people from all over the UK were involved in the conference and my session involved 30 participants.

With only an hour in total time for the workshop we had to work very fast. None of the young people had previously done stop frame animation so a quick introduction to iStopMotion and they were away. Each second in the animations is made up of 12 images. The groups had to improvise on lighting, scenery and storyline. The groups had to quickly manage themselves into roles for the animation, communicating, collaborating and working to complete the challenge against the clock.

Forty minutes later we moved over to GarageBand and the five groups were making music for the animation. The groups then explored the software and put together short music tracks to complement their animations before they were loaded onto youtube.

Here is the finished products produced by the five groups in a hour flat…

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Completed work stored on

Some images from the event:

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