Cleveratom (2006-2011) run Anglia Ruskin University Summer School 2007

It was very nice to walk back into the Anglia Ruskin University buildings last Thursday and Friday to run the University Summer School. I left Anglia Ruskin University in December 2006 when its Ultralab (1990-2006) was closed down.

anglia_ruskin_university_logo.jpgEvery year the University runs a Summer School programme to attract new students, the idea of the programme is to give young people a small taste of University life.

I’ve been a part of Anglia’s Summer School Programme since 2001 and it was really nice to to be invited back and be at the heart of it all.

Hal MacLean and myself worked with Ian Ericson from the University to deliver a programme in broadcast journalism. The work produced by the young people in such a short space of time was quite simply awesome.

23 young people from surrounding schools took in the two day event, hopefully some of them will now consider University as an option. The work they undertook will soon be on display over at

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