Emotions Film Research Project starts with SEEVEAZ

The next Summer School project called ‘Emotions’ has begun with a new batch of ‘Researchers’ had to ‘tell an emotional’ story about a word. Each child picked one word out of a hat out of a possible 100 words. The first challenge, in groups of 4, was to decide which of the words picked out of the hat by the groups members should be made into a film.
In groups the young people will need to decide from the words they have pulled at random, which of these will they make a film about? This challenge requires the groups to bond quickly in order to being their tough challenge.
The film had to last for no more than 3 minutes, have a suitable soundtrack, loop and contain the word and names of the Researchers involved in the movie.

If the films created by the young people are good enough they will be included in a DVD production and displayed at the V&A museum in December.
This project is funded for the second year by SEEVEAZ, the South East of England Virtual Education Action Zone.

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