iChat, AIM, AOL, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, GMail Talk, ICQ, MySpace IM and Jabber on the Apple iPhone

At last!

One really annoying thing about the iPhone is the lack of iChat client, I guess Apple and o2 want you to send an SMS or email when it comes to text.

After months of trying out various web based solutions people have been creating to get round this issue I’ve discovered Beejive, who have come up with an excellent free solution worth blogging about. Point your iPhone at http://iphone.beejive.com and login to:

  • iphone_ichat.jpgiChat/AIM/AOL
  • MSN Messenger (Windows Live)
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • GMail Talk
  • ICQ
  • MySpace IM
  • Jabber

Beejive lets me log into all of my accounts at once (AIM, Yahoo, MSN and GMail Talk) and chat iChat style. All the active chats are listed above the buddy list and if you are chatting with two people at once an alert will tell you when a new piece of conversation has landed.

With the latest software update installed on the phone I’m now able to put a Safari link through to Beejive direct on the front home screen of iPhone too.

A very well thought out, easy to use, fast and reliable and useful free service……. at last.

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