I’m leaving ULTRALAB and moving on. My blanket email

Dear Friends, Family and Ultranauts.

I hope this email finds you well, this is a blanket email to anyone who knows me or I’ve worked with, travelled with etc. over the past six years. If you are none of the above and have no idea why you got a copy of this email, my sincere apologies, there has been an error, please disregard it.

Some of you may have heard about the uncertain future of Ultralab (1990-2006) in the national media recently.

Today is my last day with Ultralab (1990-2006), the learning, technology and research centre at Anglia Ruskin University. Anglia Ruskin have decided not to continue in the current form with Ultralab (1990-2006)’s research and consultancy and so I and most of my colleagues depart today. Its sad that Ultralab (1990-2006) closes as a physical department within the University structure after nearly 20 years of ongoing success. Thirteen of the Ultraversity team will transfer into the Faculty of Education to continue to deliver the excellent 100% online degree. A couple of others will move into new posts in other departments within the University, the rest of us leave.

Our team, which peaked with over 70 full time Action Researchers prides itself in everything we’ve done together with Governments, Educators, Broadcasters and Classrooms full of young people to harness the powers of new and emerging technologies within teaching and learning. We leave today knowing that we’ve made a positive impact but also knowing that there is still much work to be done.

And on that thought, ‘Cleveratom (2006-2011)’ shows its head.

I will be joining some colleagues in the formation of a new company, ‘Cleveratom (2006-2011) Ltd’ which will begin work in January. The company will focus on Digital Creativity, Online Community Software and Building Schools for the Future.

We are keen to continue the work we have been doing, and are happy to talk with you if you require consultancy or have a brilliant idea you want to make reality.

My contact details change with immediate effect (see below) I would be grateful if you could reply to my new address with your latest details too. My blog has now moved too (see below again!) and after Christmas I’ll be posting a reflection of my time with Ultralab (1990-2006).

Ultranauts, past and present, I’ll miss you all, it has been a pleasure to work together.

I wish everyone a restful festive season, and a happy and healthy 2007.

Matthew Eavesclever.jpg
Director of Creativity
Cleveratom (2006-2011) Ltd
matt at cleveratom dot co dot uk

0845 868 9020

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