MacBook Pro Rocks!

We’ve just upgraded our computers at Cleveratom (2006-2011), we now have MacBook Pro’s. Running applications for me are now a lot lot faster, my G4 Powerbook was getting very slow.

Migrating from one Mac to another is very easy. Using a firewire lead simply link together and migrate!


Hal and I were astonished by the speed MacBook Pro gave when rendering film footage in Final Cut Pro.

Intel in Mac simply rocks.


We’re loving iChat video built into the screens! Still got to think what I’m gonna call this Mac, so far I’ve named laptops Milhouse, SuperTed and Elwood.

One thought on “MacBook Pro Rocks!

  • Jonathan Furness
    June 9, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    …. and filling the RAM slots to full capacity is like rocket fuel for the Mac. Not sure what your machine specs are, but well worth considering if your budget allows.

    Welcome to Intel.

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