Millie the Kitten!

Last month I wrote about Molly, our new kitten. Molly has been with us for nearly a month and has been getting on really well. She is nearly double the size when she first moved in, and is finding gaps she used to take shortcuts through when exploring are now too small for her….

Kittens apparently get on from a young age, so we decided to introduce a friend to Molly before she grew any older…. so we started the search for a second kitten….

On Monday evening Justina and I headed out to Southend to pick up a friend for Molly, and came home with Millie (name picked by my Mum!)…. Millie is a tabby, with one ginger toe.


Molly and Millie are learning to get on and are becoming good friends….and Millie uses all of Molly’s old short cuts as hiding places, much to Molly’s frustration….

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