UEA Clay Animation Session

Hal MacLean and myself were delighted to be invited to UEA (University of East Anglia) in Norwich to deliver a Clay Animation and Music Session to a group of 24 students and staff. The applications we explored and worked with during the session were: iStopMotion GarageBand iMovie iTunes It was the second week of the

Bromley Summer School kicks off with Hal MacLean

Hal spent the day in the Bromley area working with partner schools on their Summer programme of activities. Bromley Learning Alliance, the organisation behind the initiative hires in Ultralab each year to set the summer challenge for young people with their region. Previously to working with the BLA Ultralab worked with SEEVEAZ (South East of

A four year old blogging?

Before ‘Archie’s Blog’ falls off the edge of the Internet forever I thought I’d better jump in and save the posts. Digital creativity is not just about creative use of technology for the making of film and music. Archie had been keeping his blog for a period of months. Archie is only four years old.

BBC Blast, 21CC, Ultralab, Apple, BETT Show and EastEnders

Today, (Saturday) Maureen Gurr and myself headed to London to the BBC Broadcasting House bringing together the young people from Saffron Walden County High School and King Harold School for the planning day for ‘Create at BETT 2006. For the past five years Ultralab have been working in conjunction with Apple Computer and other partners

Ultralab presents to BECTA audience

Neil Boughen and myself headed into London today to demonstrate Ultralab’s work in Digital Creativity to an audience during the half time interval for BECTA’s conference on Digital Creativity. Ultralab’s international work was showcased to interested participants. Also demonstrating projects were Cambridge University and Nesta Futurelab.

Swedish TV at Ultralab

Today a film crew from Sweden arrived to make a programme featuring the team at Ultralab. The team interviewed Alice Mitchell, Stephen Powell, Kris Popat, Vicki Swan and myself to talk about various Ultralab projects and initiatives, in particular mobile learning, inclusion and digital creativity. The programme will be aired in Sweden next month. Some