A four year old blogging?


Before ‘Archie’s Blog’ falls off the edge of the Internet forever I thought I’d better jump in and save the posts.
Digital creativity is not just about creative use of technology for the making of film and music. Archie had been keeping his blog for a period of months. Archie is only four years old. Archie is the little brother of one of our work experience students, who was also part of ‘The Real Project’. Imagine the power of Archie being able to reflect later in life on his early creative writing?
Imagine the debate potential Archie would be having with his family as they are kept up to speed (all over the world) with what he is doing? Archie is engaging in conversations with friends and family though ‘comment’ feature on his blog, a wonderful way to challenge his thinking and responding skills. What about spelling? Will this help him learn to spell new words? Will it create new words in his vocabulary as he asks his sister what things mean?
Notice how Archie begins to communicate with his growing audience. What is that doing to his self confidence? A really creative blog.
How does a four year old conduct online? Archie’s Blog has been a really good experiment, well done to Amy, Archie’s sister.
Blogging really is a powerful medium. Ultralab have a lot of experience with blogs, and we think Archie’s is excellent. Remember to read in your best four year old voice…..
Here are Archie’s blogs…
by archie @ 18/11/2005 – 18:56:33
(Dictated by Archie, Noted by Amy)
I went to that school, i did. And i played on a two wheel bike!!
I met my teachers.
Now i am going to play tonka.
There was a fake toe on the floor at the doctors, and it was very scary!
The interest tabel today was wet, I forgot to take something.
its dry now, so i think i will take a towell next day’
‘look i am pedro, the magnificent.’

by archie @ 19/11/2005 – 18:16:45
(Again, dictated by Archie, written by Amy)
Tomorrow is a boys day!
Today we are watching Christmas with the Kranks and having Popcorn!
You’ll never beleive what mum did today, she cut the brio catalogue! she did!
Angela [Visitor]
11/21/05 @ 14:17
What a great sister you have Archie, helping you set up and write your very own blog.
I bet your friends don’t have a blog!

by archie @ 22/11/2005 – 00:10:01
(Dictated, and partially typed, by Archie, Aged 4)
Yesterday was a boys day, i went in my tigger dressing gown to drop amy and my mum at the station.
me and dad cleaned the toys we did, and my trousers got all soaking, so i had to change them.doh.
at night, mum and amy gave me a dvd. and we watched the polar express, yes!!
it was really funny when they were on the ice and they went all slippy, it was soo funny!
today, it was a spot of bad weather.
i went to the newspaper shop where i always go with gran, and i had different gloves on.
i have playschool in the morning i do. I am taking Claude. He is not called Luca, he is called Claude

Witch Crab
by archie @ 24/11/2005 – 21:37:52
Ann is a witch Crab.
I’ve got a joke..
What did the chicken do when he fell over?
He bumped his head on some hairdryers!
The whole famlee went to Wallace and Gromit. but it was very loud. it was a U.
Mum brought a DVD home she did, and when you press the button, it sings all loud loud loud. AND it has a light. And it says, ‘We’re off to see the wizard’!
ITs coool man!
I’m having a hot chocolate with 18 straws.
Richard Millwood [Visitor]
11/25/05 @ 08:40
This is so brilliant – can I be four years old again? – can I have a four-year-old’s birthday party next month? – I’m going to be fifty, but in my head…
Shirley [Visitor]
11/25/05 @ 13:20
Thanks for your film reviews, Archie. I have to see some more films.

nother boys day
by archie @ 28/11/2005 – 10:35:39
(Archie told me (amy) to write this…..)
Last day was another boy day, and mum and amy and izzybelle went on the train.
I was at home with my dad. I am not taking Claude to the Teddy bears picnic at school!
We watched Spirited Away and Elf other day. And i listened to the lion the witch and the wardrobe in the car. and we went out in the dark to pick up amy and lillie and their friend from the show place.
I ate cheese on toast from the front of my digger and i helped mum with the washing. and i had soup.
Me and dad are twins we are.
Lesley [Visitor]
11/30/05 @ 12:36
Hi Archie and Amy – Is Claude your teddy bear? Do you have a picture of Claude that you could put onto the blog?
Reply to Comment:
archie [Member]
12/14/05 @ 14:51
Claude is my teddy bear, but he is sometimes called luca.
I will put on a photo when we get a new printer.
DAD [Visitor]
01/31/06 @ 13:01
Monday 30/01/06..me and my twin ARCHIE went swimmong,Archie is very good at jumping in,he will be Archie the Swimmer one day.

by archie @ 04/12/2005 – 23:55:39
I had a teddy bear picnic at school, and we had water but no biscuits. i taked my claude with me.
i have a black eye, because, oh it was a long story. I’m a celebrity was on and mum likes that and her was upstairs and i went to tell her. i just fell and boomped my eye. it will clear up in the morning. we phoned for a pizza delivery last night and we watched a film. and then me and amy and my dad went to Lainey’s for Dad and my hair cut and joshua was there with Andrew and Angeelaaaa. And i played with the crane and with cards but the only place that was safe was under the cushion cos joshy kept pushing them in between. it was soo funny.
me and dad had a boys day today.

Eggy bread
by archie @ 14/12/2005 – 13:58:04
me and amy are making eggy bread today. and yesterday me and mum made pancakes.
i got a present from my playschool lady yesterday, it was from santa but not the real santa. cos the real santa is coming in 11 sleeps. no this day not the next day or the next day or the next day, you see?
we are not going out for dinner!
DAD [Visitor]
12/17/05 @ 15:52

Archie’s Bear.
by archie @ 22/12/2005 – 16:21:59
This is Mine and Amy’s Teddy bears, Amys has the Blue Ribbon and is called Claude, a boy claude. Mine has a red ribbon and is called Claude. But sometimes he is called Luca (Note from Amy: Mine was called Claude First, Archie’s is actuallly called Luca, but he stole my name!)
Claude is a funny bear.
We went to the railway and saw santa, but not the real santa. Santa just rang and said i had to help mummy with the christmas cards. 3 more sleeps to santa.

Christmas eve eve
by archie @ 23/12/2005 – 14:33:15
I am looking forward to christmas.
Santa ran me yesterday, and i helped Amy post some letters. But we forgot to post the last one’s!!
I like santa stamps. Dad got his present today, yes yes yes, and it was a tv! and we watched some things on it. We watched Steve Irwin and we watched Brainiac. And they bombed some things up, cos they always bomb things up, don’t they? And they bombed up a safe.
the other day amy and isabelle looked after me and we had chippies, two lots, and we went up in the loft and got down some decorations and decorated the tree some more. and mum and dad went shopping.
For christmas i want a skateboard and a policeman’s outfit.
I helped amy in to the chiropodist and i went in with her to get her foot better.
Me and dad watched ‘the greatest store in the world’ and there is a bad santa and he ties that elf onto himself and then he reels him down on a fishing rod, and he is heavy. and they steal the jewels. and they kidnap angeline. and Angeline and Livi and their mum live in a shop, called Scotley’s cos their caravan exploded, they put some paintbrushed on a hot thing. and so they live in the shop. and mr whiskers catches them, but he lets them stay there for christmas.
me and amy are doing stamps.
i have been eaten pancakes and it is christmas eve eve.
and on christmas, yeah.. we are going to Andrew’s house and see joshya. and everyone will be there and there will be lots of presents and food and noo noo nakas. and i can go n my skateboard all the way yeah. and amy is babysitting tonight and i want to go too and help her. she is going to the gals next door.
i am going to watch boomerang. happy christmas all you lookas and poopas.
h4mm1 [Member]
12/27/05 @ 22:20
How’s the witchcrab archie?? Did she get you any nice presents!! P.s Luca is a better name than Claude!!!
abizz [Member]
12/29/05 @ 14:52
Claude is a smashing name, thankyou very much.
Reply to Comment:
archie [Member]
12/29/05 @ 14:52
yeah, ann gave me the reote control car that goes very fast.

happy new year
by archie @ 11/01/2006 – 14:40:15
it has been christmas and i have been playing with all my new toys, cos santa came and we tracked him and i got scalextric and remote control cars and a go kart and madagascar on dvd. and i have watched madagascar and its so funny. and melman the giraffe is just like my giraffe suitcase when we go on holiday! and i go to big school now. and i have a teacher and her name just sounds like night like the dark, mrs phelps-knights. and i take a snack and we had PE yesterday.

by archie @ 31/03/2006 – 10:30:23
i go to school now.
and some days i stay at lunch and some days i stay all day and some days i come home at lunch.
and harry hits me. in the tummy. like this…(pummels his stomach)
I have had joshua round to play before, and i went to the farm on wednesday i did. and so did my friends. and we went on a tractor and i saw a sheep and some pigs. it was cool man.
we are going to scotland tomorrow!
i am taking all my games.
its nearly amy’s birthday and she is oollllld.
we are going see ice age 2. ahaha.
i am going back to the farm with all my cool friends. yes.
hello emma in autraliaaaaaa

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