Radio Training Student Union at City College Norwich

Matt has been working with the Student Union to train on how the RUGROOM Radio facility works. The facility was specified and is being incorporated into teaching and learning at the college by team members. Our team train, explain and incorporate radio into teaching and learning.
Some images from the event including a video showing the radio facilities and students talking between songs:

Rugroom learners film Asperger's Conference

Learners with Asperger’s Syndrome worked with the team to film a conference about Asperger’s. The learners learned camera technique, framing and how to get great sound. The next part of the project will be to work with the learners to edit the material for internal viewing.
Some images from the event:

Rugroom Learners Be Very Afraid!

Be Very Afraid (now in the sixth year) is an annual event organised by professor Stephen Heppell and the team at to showcase (for one day only!) the very best learning in technology projects from around the UK in one place.  This year the event took place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, London. Visitors from all over the world came to see BVA, and were impressed with the variety of the projects being showcased.
This year the Cleveratom team brought some learners from City College Norwich’s Regional Centre for Learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorders Rugroom project to show off their hard work on one of the stands.
Rugroom is a project the Cleveratom team have been involved in since 2007, and the team at City College Norwich have built the only learning centre dedicated to learners with Asperger’s Syndrome in the country. Cleveratom work hand in hand with the college, its staff and learners to embed engaging, enabling and inclusive technology into learning.
Around 180 learners with Asperger’s now attend and add value to the college life, the Rugroom has gone on to win awards at national level, including the Association of Colleges Presidents Beacon Award.
This year learners from Norwich came to London to showcase the newRugroom Radio and TV offering which the learners have been working hard together to define, refine and build.  Typically learners with Asperger’s are challenged in communication, collaboration and co-ordination, and Rugroom Radio & TV have been a great way to experiment and challenge the learners.
More about Rugroom Radio and TV can be found here.
Learners were on hand to interview visitors, and connected live (via Skype) to their purpose built studio’s in Norwich to engage the London visitors with learners working live on radio and television productions.
To find out more about Be Very Afraid go here.
The photographs Matt from Cleveratom took at the the event are here.
This is not the first time we’ve brought learners from Rugroom to the event, read about the previous Be Very Afraid (October 2008) and their involvement here.
Cleveratom team at the event: Matthew Eaves, Hal MacLean, Sharon Fealy.
Some images from the event:

Saffron Walden County High School Summer School 2009

Since 2009 our tean have helped plan, prepare and run the annual Saffron Walden County High School Summer School in association with partner Primary Schools.
This year our plan was much bigger, on 10 July our team arrived to teach the learners about broadcast televison. On 31 July we were back to practice a live performance in Saffron Walden Screen, and on 16 November we were back at the school for the live Internet TV production, which was managed entirely by the learners involved in the project and followed a BBC Question Time format.
Some images from the planning day and presentation evening:


Rugroom Learners demonstrate Creativity at BETT

Since 2002 our team have been showcasing the best creativity in learning projects at BETT Show, the UK’s largest technology in education show. This year our team worked on a stand with RUGROOM Asperger’s Syndrome learners showcasing the technology in learning projects we’ve been working on together which includes Radio, Television and Animation.
Some images from the event:

BBC Blast Northern Ireland ‘Escape from the Zoo’ Film with NIDYA

I had the pleasure of working Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of February in Northern Ireland with our friends at BBC Blast Northern Ireland in Belfast working with NIDYA (Northern Ireland Deaf Youth Association) to create a film about a monkey escaping from the zoo.
My role was to work with the mixed group of teenagers to film the animation section of the film. Working through interpretors we had a great two days animating in a television studio.

The young people involved in the project lived locally, some were deaf. Filming also took part at Belfast Zoo, and the team were challenged to integrate real filming with cuts to animation.

We used a Sony Z1 camera linked up to an Apple computer running the brilliant iStopMotion.

The young people involved in the project demonstrated clear animation talent with lots of ideas and ways of overcoming challenges with the story and continuity. The final animation sequences were quite simply brilliant, well done gang. Big thanks to Sue Barry and her team from NIDYA and also to Emma, Emma and John from Blast.
I’ll link here the completed film when the BBC have finished putting together the final edit.

Some images from the event:

Rugroom Clay Animation & Music Session for staff

Cleveratom were thrilled to work with the City Fish PondCollege Norwich staff in a Clay Animation and Music workshop for 20 of the team. Rugroom staff work with young people on the AS at the college.
In 7 groups, each of around 4 RugRoom teaching staff, Matthew Eaves and myself were on hand as each group worked with iStopMotion to produce a short animation with music composed themselves in GarageBand.
The final products produced by each group, viewable below, are the work of about 3 hours each with a MacBook- learning to use the software they progressed.Finally as a surprise to the group, we asked for pictures of some of the staff to create a seasonal gift to the collage.
Cleveratom have been working with Rugroom students for the past six months to develop a social learning space, workshops and an online environment.
Here is the completed work:

Blue Balls: Play Now | Play in Popup
DIT animae: Play Now | Play in Popup
Fish Pond: Play Now | Play in Popup
Making Babies: Play Now | Play in Popup
Father Christmas’ Revenge: Play Now | Play in Popup
Nothing like a cup of tea: Play Now | Play in Popup
Wayne and ED: Play Now | Play in Popup

Creative Film School on BBC Blast Truck in Hatfield

I’ve spent the past three days working on the BBC Blast Truck in Hatfield, delivering a Film and Camera Production workshop for young people delivering this workshop each day:


The Truck will stop this year in 30 places, Hatfield was the first location. Last year Hamish, Hal and myself travelled with the truck (under the Ultralab flag) working with the local facilitators to deliver the Blast experience, we ran workshops and supported other facilitators to run theirs.

When I arrived at the venue it was good to see a lot of young people crowded round a DJ from BBC Radio 1xtra, clearly enjoying the experience of learning ‘Radio Production’. My own Film Making workshop was attended by 21 young people, we used Sony Z1 video cameras, learned how to shoot, edit and create a film together. After practicing, each group made their first film ‘Surprise’ within the three hours and were then set the tougher challenge for the following two days.

I challenged the young people were then to make a 100 second film entitled ‘Confusion’. The film had to be exactly 100 seconds long, could only have three lines of dialogue and had to be shot is a way which was modern and not traditional.

The films the young people created were very good, considering none had prior experience in film making.

The youngest participant was nine years old, the oldest, seventeen. The abilities of the young people were so good in both iMovie and Final Cut Pro they finished their work in double quick time and were able to visit some of the other workshops taking place on the truck, filming and documenting what else was happening.

Both myself and the team at Cleveratom have lots of experience running film, animation, creative art and photography workshops and were delighted to be invited on to the truck to pass on our knowledge.


Cleveratom wish the BBC Blast team the very best of success in delivering the 2007 national Blast Truck tour to a further 29 locations.

BBC Blast Truck in Hull 31st August and 1st of September 2006

The BBC Blast Truck is being supported by the Ultralab team for a tour around the UK undertaking creative outreach work with young people.

The big grey trucks rolled into Hull and were situated in Hull College car park for a two day visit with extended hours. The truck acted as a drop in centre for young people wishing to experiment with digital creativity, dance, music and ethical fashion. Bookings were also taken though the BBC Blast website. The venue was run by Paul from Connexions Humber in association with the BBC. Sadly it rained for the duration of the visit.

I ran classes in clay animation, digital photography, silent movies and creating comics.


It was really nice to be back in Hull, this is not the first time I have worked within the Hull region. In 2004 I was part of the ‘International Certificate in Digital Photography’ (ICDC) project in association with Creative Partnerships Hull.

Back in 2002/3 I worked closely with Richard Millwood, Hamish Scott-Brown and Professor Stephen Heppell of Ultralab on the ‘Input CBBC’ project. We worked in Hull and the North of England region with schools, colleges and community centres to find out what television would be like if young people made it themselves. There is more information on the project on this website.