Rugroom Clay Animation & Music Session for staff

Cleveratom were thrilled to work with the City Fish PondCollege Norwich staff in a Clay Animation and Music workshop for 20 of the team. Rugroom staff work with young people on the AS at the college.
In 7 groups, each of around 4 RugRoom teaching staff, Matthew Eaves and myself were on hand as each group worked with iStopMotion to produce a short animation with music composed themselves in GarageBand.
The final products produced by each group, viewable below, are the work of about 3 hours each with a MacBook- learning to use the software they progressed.Finally as a surprise to the group, we asked for pictures of some of the staff to create a seasonal gift to the collage.
Cleveratom have been working with Rugroom students for the past six months to develop a social learning space, workshops and an online environment.
Here is the completed work:

Blue Balls: Play Now | Play in Popup
DIT animae: Play Now | Play in Popup
Fish Pond: Play Now | Play in Popup
Making Babies: Play Now | Play in Popup
Father Christmas’ Revenge: Play Now | Play in Popup
Nothing like a cup of tea: Play Now | Play in Popup
Wayne and ED: Play Now | Play in Popup

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