Rugroom Learners film 2009 Asperger's Conference

Matt from our team spent today supporting learners with Asperger’s Syndrome from RUGROOM at City College Norwich filming a conference abou Asperger’s. For this project the learners had to learn how to use the broadcast quality camera and how to record sound.
Matt has had a long relationship with the RUGROOM project helping to embed creative use of technology into teaching and learning through television, radio and other creative technology mediums.

BBC Northern Ireland Mental Health Campaign Pilot… in animation!

DSC00190.JPG DSC00193.JPG
I spent today (Friday 27th October) and yesterday at BBC Northern Ireland in Belfast working with the BBC Blast team on a new pilot project for BBC One NI’s Mental Health Campaign.
DSC00191.JPG DSC00192.JPG
I worked closely with Emma Majury and Rod from the local college to create a 90 second animation which followed a soundbite story of a person who had recovered from depression.
We spent Thursday planning, Friday morning buliding sets and the afternoon animating. We filmed the entire sequence in reverse scene order, then strung it together in iMovie and added the sound. Here it is, as broadcast on BBC 1 Northern Ireland:

Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford Summer School 2006 Completes!

The Anglia Ruskin Summer School 2006 completed today. The objective of the project was to show University life to young people who are considering a University education but their parents have not attended University themselves.

Throughout the week the young people have worked with various people across the University, on Wednesday the young people spent the day with the Ultralab team on the BBC Blast Truck in White City London.
Here are the completed projects generated over the five day period:

Black Clouds: Play Now | Play in Popup
Difference isnt Different: Play Now | Play in Popup
Internet Kidnap: Play Now | Play in Popup
The Norms: Play Now | Play in Popup
Under Age Smoking: Play Now | Play in Popup

Saffron Walden County High School and Partner Primary Schools 2005 Summer School Challenge

Ultralab friend Patrick Gordon and pupils from Saffron Walden County High School attended Ultralab today to show off their creative projects completed during their summer break in August.
Before the summer the group spent the day at Ultralab learning how to make films, animations and music. We concentrated on a new application called ‘Comic Life’ incorporating that programme into the actual summer challenge. The young people had to make a nine window comic over the summer, but the comic windows had to be significantly different from a paper comic, ie: interactive. They could use a series of stills, animation of film throughout their work.
The work, as ever is outstanding. What is more special is that the young people will be making their own DVD production, rather than Ultralab, who have always made the productions in the past. The young people spent the day with Ultralab learning how to make a DVD, using iDVD from Apple. The completed projects will then be shown in a cinema in Cambridge.
Some images from the event:

Kingsway's Real Project comes to Ultralab

Kingsway’ the Christian youth group in Billericay brought a group of young people they are working with at the Billericay School to Ultralab today. The group are working on various creative arts projects over an eight week period and join Ultralab to focus on clay animation in a two hour session.
Ultralab has expertise in film, sound and animation and was last year followed by our friends at BBC Blast while we explored our first ever Animation Summer School.

Lifeboats.TV Burnham on Crouch

The Lifeboats.TV team rolled into Burnham-on-Crouch today to begin the film research for the RNLI’s Lifeboats.TV website.
Thanks to all the team from Burnham involved in the pilot filming.
Burnham Image
Matthew Eaves (Ultralab)
Colin Elsey (Ultralab)
George Variopoulos (Ultralab)
From the initial footage, George Variopoulos made this initial film (it will take a while to load, but is worth the wait):
George’s Action Film: Play NowPlay in Popup