Saffron Walden County High School and Partner Primary Schools 2005 Summer School Challenge

Ultralab friend Patrick Gordon and pupils from Saffron Walden County High School attended Ultralab today to show off their creative projects completed during their summer break in August.
Before the summer the group spent the day at Ultralab learning how to make films, animations and music. We concentrated on a new application called ‘Comic Life’ incorporating that programme into the actual summer challenge. The young people had to make a nine window comic over the summer, but the comic windows had to be significantly different from a paper comic, ie: interactive. They could use a series of stills, animation of film throughout their work.
The work, as ever is outstanding. What is more special is that the young people will be making their own DVD production, rather than Ultralab, who have always made the productions in the past. The young people spent the day with Ultralab learning how to make a DVD, using iDVD from Apple. The completed projects will then be shown in a cinema in Cambridge.
Some images from the event:

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