Sony Ericsson k750i and the UK’s O2 Mobile Telephone Network Customer Service (o2/02)

On Wednesday my K750i mobile telephone arrived after I renewed my contract for a year.

The pixel quality of the camera is excellent, the radio is good, although not too good on the train.

The only annoying this is that when I telephoned o2 to organise the upgrade they offered me a £5 a month discount on my monthly bill, which I thought was great and took up the offer. It turns out that Jonathan Furness from Jonathan’s Blog was offered £10 a month less, £5 more than I was.

Jonathan’s relatively new to o2, whereas I’ve been with them since the days when they were BT Genie, nearly 7 years.

Every year I struggle with o2’s customer service, I find it awful, from the ridiculous automated telephone system which often says (after I’ve pressed 2 then 4 then 4 again followed by 6 and then option 1) that the number I need has changed, and to redial using 087….


So when I telephone, to complain, redialing 3 times and finally speaking to a human I’m surprised to be spoken to like something that’s just trod in something it should not have. All I asked was “Why does a colleague with the same number of free minutes and text messages, and who’s been with the network 1 year get a cheaper monthly line rental than myself who’s been a loyal customer for 7 years”.

o2 do offer great deals, not standard to all customers, but in a nutshell, the customer service stinks and I’m glad I only have to deal with it once a year. Not convinced I’ll be sticking with o2 next year, Ultralab (1990-2006)’s Mark says 3 are doing some amazing deals and he’s switched to them from o2.

This is all my personal experience and personal opinion.

The quality of image from the camera is pretty sharp, considering the above was taken in a darkish room and I’m holding the phone above looking down to test it.

3 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson k750i and the UK’s O2 Mobile Telephone Network Customer Service (o2/02)

  • mattheweaves
    November 1, 2006 at 11:32 am

    Submitted by Matthew Eaves on Fri, 09/23/2005 – 19:33.
    I should also say that I’ve been with Vodafone and one2one. Both awful, Vodafone stinks. one2one does not exist anymore.

  • mattheweaves
    November 1, 2006 at 11:32 am

    Submitted by visitor on Sat, 09/24/2005 – 15:59.
    And Orange can be just as useless too… They sent my Bills to the wrong person for nearly six months after being repeatedly told that person did not own the phone… Shame they didn’t pay the bill for me too 🙁

  • mattheweaves
    November 1, 2006 at 11:32 am

    Tom’s Blogging exploits.
    Submitted by visitor on Fri, 09/23/2005 – 17:41.
    Yes, I like Jonathan’s Blog too, its the only Jonathan’s blog I read. I don’t know why I was ever tempted to read the other one… I’m sorry Jonathan. I’ll even give you a link from my blog for free! Tom Stacey.

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