Closing Chelmsford Community Radio Community Coffee Shop

Chelmsford Community Radio 104.4FM 23 September ·Friday 23 September 2022 – Chelmsford Community Radio Moulsham Mill, Chelmsford For Immediate Release – CHELMSFORD COMMUNITY RADIO STATION COFFEE SHOP PERMANENTLY CLOSES TODAYChelmsford Community Radio, the local radio station in Chelmsford, is sad to announce the permanent closure of ‘Coffee at the Mill’, the community coffee shop based

Unplanned Road Trip – UK

Last weekend my wife Justina, I, and our two kids drove to Rochester in Kent to see the in-laws. On Saturday afternoon I got a bit itchy for a road trip, and suggested we all pile into the Van and drive, booking Travelodge stays on route. We did. Jus and I love road trips, but

Learning Management System – Government Procurement Service Supplier

We’ve been so busy at Creative Learning Systems that I’ve hardly had any time to reflect on our successes. We’ve been a Government Procurement Supplier for Learning Management Systems for the past 18 months, and are proud to be re-accepted onto the programme. For those that don’t know… Creative Learning Systems deliver a SaaS (Software

Composica UK Reseller

Creative Learning Systems have been a Composica UK Reseller for some time now and we’re pleased with the growing number of clients switching to Composica for elearning authoring needs.  Composica is a fully online tool for the creation, revision and authoring of elearning materials and content. Our team have experts familiar with the product who travel

John Harrison

It was 26 June 2006, it was just before 10PM at night, Justina (then girlfriend, now wife) and I pull into the South Mimms Service Station on the M25 at the A1 junction for a break.  We were on route back home from the South Coast. Tired and hungry we head into the food court.

Creative Learning Management System

I just wanted to write a quick blog post to thank Julia, Kelly, Hal, Greg and Ryan for all the help and support launching our new Learning Management System website for CreativeLMS. We’ve been working hard these last few months to launch the new version of the software which has a fleet of new features.

Twitter ‘Cleaning…’ on iPhone

Apparently it is something to do with the iPhone backup to the cloud, the app becomes unavailable as it clears out cache to make the app backup as efficient as possible. What frustrates me is… 1) why does the phone not do this when I’m asleep? It could know when I’m asleep due to usage

Google Analytics Real Time

Am loving Google Analytics real time. The service updates almost to the second with live figures showing how many people are currently live on your website It is nearly 1 in the morning UK time and I can see two visitors live right now. What would be really cool is if I were able to

WordPress upgrades and plugins – 4 key lessons learned

This week I have been updating lots of WordPress installations.  Some of the updates replace versions of WordPress from as early as 2007 (pretty static sites) and there are a few things I’ve learned from the pain of upgrading a WordPress. WordPress Plugins are not supported by their developers forever.  On one blog I’d used

Well done Yammer

Congratulations to the team at Yammer for selling to Microsoft, as reported today in BBC news. As a company which has been working on becoming an alternative to Yammer we’ve been watching with interest to see what happens to them. We’ve been working hard building our own tools and system to enable fully managed professional