John Harrison

It was 26 June 2006, it was just before 10PM at night, Justina (then girlfriend, now wife) and I pull into the South Mimms Service Station on the M25 at the A1 junction for a break.  We were on route back home from the South Coast.

Tired and hungry we head into the food court. I spot a familiar face….

“Hello John” I say to one of my old lecturers from University.

John Harrison, who taught “Reporting and Presentation” random walked past carrying a tray of junk food…

I’d not seen John Harrison since around 2002, and he’d taught me between 1997-2000 at University.

“Funny” I said to Justina “John Harrison blanked me”…. To which Jus replied with something like “well he’s probably taught hundreds of people, why is he going to remember you”….

Anyway, I took a cheeky snapshot of John in the background while we ate…













Six years later, 27 September 2012, I’m sitting in my office in Chelmsford when the phone rings.

“John Harrison is in Reception to see you, he does not have an appointment, he says he taught you at University”….

Low and behold, John Harrison is in Reception.

Great little catch up with John, who has always been on my mailing list and keeps track of what we’re up to at CLS each time I send a mass mail (to around 14,000 contacts).

I challenged John about the South Mimms moment… and he said “you know, I don’t remember, and I always stop at South Mimms to meet my sister, and they are definitely my shorts, I bought them in 1972.”














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