Saffron Walden County High School and Partner Primary Schools Summer School at Ultralab to Celebrate Creative Summer School Work

Today the Saffron Walden County High School and Partner Primary Schools came to Ultralab to spend the day with myself and Hal MacLean to work on the DVD case designs of their Summer School project. For this challenge the young people involved in the project learned how to work with the Photo Shop application.
Thirty young people spent the day at the lab, showcasing the work they had achieved over the summer period. The work will go on display to an evening audience at a cinema in Cambridge later this year.
Some of the young people were tasked with making a DVD containing all of the work, this process was done using Apple’s iDVD.
Click here to read about the first time the group of young people were at Ultralab for their training session and challenge setting exercise.
Click here to read about the First Day of the Summer School on August 3rd.
Here is the DVD art created by the groups, while at Ultralab, to reflect the content of their completed films:
Magic Bicycle DVD Case End of the World DVD Case
Dude on the Run DVD Case Dr Who DVD Case
Curse of the Mushrooms DVD Cover
Click to expand the images.
Some of the groups also completed a DVD Disc image:
dude_on_run_Dvd.jpg Magic Bicycle DVD Disc Dr Who DVD Disc
The Summer Challenge, which is set by Ultralab was called “Outside the Box”.
We invite the young people on the project to add comments below to introduce their work before we actually post their completed projects here on the site.
Well done everyone, exceptional work.

Create at BETT Stand at Olympia 11th – 14th January 2006

The Ultralab team works each year on the ‘Create at BETT’ stand at the BETT show. The show is attended by 26,000 visitors each year and has over 2000 stands. The Create at BETT stand is funded by Apple Computer and staffed by Ultralab. Our friends from BBC Blast joined the stand for the first year to promote young peoples creativity.

Ultralab’s partner schools King Harold School and Saffron Walden County High School assisted on the stand providing young people to demonstrate to the visitors podcasting, animation, sound and vision technologies.

Jane Down from the Ultralab team spent BETT working in the NAACE Lounge demonstrating Podcasting to NAACE members.
Watch a movie from the BETT 2006 show: Play Now | Play in Popup

Watch another movie from the BETT 2006 show: Play Now | Play in Popup


Bangkok Teacher Training, Creative Learning

I’ve spent the past week in Bangkok, I’ve been asked to stay on and train teachers how to use technology for creative learning, the project extends the work in Phuket, read about it here:
Watch the report about the Bangkok project:

Watch Matthew Eaves talking about the project on TV5:

Some images from the event:

Saffron Walden County High School and Partner Primary Schools 2005 Summer School Challenge

Ultralab friend Patrick Gordon and pupils from Saffron Walden County High School attended Ultralab today to show off their creative projects completed during their summer break in August.
Before the summer the group spent the day at Ultralab learning how to make films, animations and music. We concentrated on a new application called ‘Comic Life’ incorporating that programme into the actual summer challenge. The young people had to make a nine window comic over the summer, but the comic windows had to be significantly different from a paper comic, ie: interactive. They could use a series of stills, animation of film throughout their work.
The work, as ever is outstanding. What is more special is that the young people will be making their own DVD production, rather than Ultralab, who have always made the productions in the past. The young people spent the day with Ultralab learning how to make a DVD, using iDVD from Apple. The completed projects will then be shown in a cinema in Cambridge.
Some images from the event:

Spending time at TVNZ

I have been spending the last three days working from the TVNZ buildings during my tour of New Zealand to explore creativity. At TVNZ I am working with Liz Donnelly on a proposal which would see television content created by young people for broadcast on the ‘TV2’ channel.

The work we are doing builds on the experimental work with the BBC in the UK on the ‘Input CBBC’ project and also the pilot project recently run in Christchurch with a group of young people.
Hopefully, all being well the proposal will be successful and Ultralab South (New Zealand) will begin work on the project. Nick Billowes from our New Zealand team spent the third day working on the proposal too.
Some images from the event:

A day at St. James School, Christchurch New Zealand – One of the most creative schools in the world

I spent most of the day with one of the most creative schools I have ever seen in the world. St. James’s School in Christchurch New Zealand is based in a part of Christchurch with high levels of unemployment and career opportunity. For this reason, the school has been classified with a low rating status. Despite this the school has an amazing track record for results and creativity within the curriculum, driven forward by an incredibly creative staffing team who enhance the use of technology in their teaching and learning.

St James pupils excel in information technology use, with most pupils on wireless internet connections using Apple computers to use the internet to research and collaborate together. The school has a homebound programme ensuring members of the surrounding community can use the equipment and resources themselves. The school has won many creative use of technology awards though its work, mainly in the form of winning national creativity challenges.
Two weeks before I arrived at the school, at the recommendation of Chris Chua (my new friend from Ultralab South) the school had been broken into and all the equipment and technology had been stolen. Two days later the school was broken into a second time and all the equipment had been returned. The surrounding community was so outraged that their community school had been compromised that the equipment was quickly returned. Lesson learned: If you involve the community in your objectives, you’ll do better.
I’ve never seen a school anywhere in the world where child centred personalised learning is so well delivered and effective. I walked away buzzing. Well done St. James, I’ve learned from you.
Some images from the event:

Ultralab New Zealand Summer School 22nd and 23rd of October

I have spent the past two days working in Christchurch New Zealand with colleagues from our Sister Ultralab to roll out the labs Summer School model as part of potential pilot with TVNZ’s TV2 channel.
The project was to find out what children’s television made by children could be like, using some of the research findings from previous Summer School’s and the Input CBBC pilot from 2002/3. The pilot was also to show Ultralab South how the Summer School model works ready for the big Summer School event right across New Zealand in January 2004.
Some excellent movies were created by the pilot, all ‘Points of View Squared’ and will be included on the 2003 DVD production.
Some images from the event:

Input CBBC project completes in Hull

Today I headed off to Hull with Richard Millwood to visit the schools involved in the Input CBBC project. The young people have now completed their film work and presented it to us. For the past four months the young people have been making films for the project, which is research by the BBC and Ultralab to find out what television would be like if young people made it themselves. The Hull part of the project was extended due to time constraints for some of the young people.

A research findings report is being written by Ultralab and the BBC on the project and will be published for internal consumption shortly.
The work will be celebrated in London at BBC Television Centre next month.
Some images from the event:

Skegness Lifeboat Station visited for Lifeboats.TV

18-20th February 2002
In Skegness we met Joel, the longest serving RNLI person in the country. Joel had been part of the lifeboat station since he was three years old. Joel’s father and grand father also served on the crew.
All the research conducted so far on this project has been done in conjunction with young people, exploring how creative use of technology could be used to enhance their learning, bringing the RNLI bang up to date with its uses of technology at the same time.
Watch a male crew member explain how the more cakes baked the worse the weather was.
Matthew Eaves (Ultralab)
Colin Elsey (Ultralab)
Dunstan Bertschinger (Ultralab Support Teacher from Summer School Project)
Pete Bradshaw (Ultralab)
Alison Gee (Ultralab)
Micky Slatford (RNLI)
Some images from the event:

Beaumaris Lifeboat Station becomes focus for Lifeboats.TV Crew

11-13th February 2002
The Ultralab team headed up to North Wales to meet the crew of Beaumaris, home of the lifeboat ‘Blue Peter 2’. Here we mocked up a rescue launch, showing the tractor and Atlantic 75 lifeboat in action. The footage will be used online on the RNLI’s innovative Lifeboats.TV website which Ultralab is building in conjunction with the RNLI.
Watch one of the films created at the location as James Vaughan interviews a crew member.
Watch one of the crew set off a flare.
Matthew Eaves (Ultralab)
Colin Elsey (Ultralab)
Tony Browne (Ultralab)
Micky Slatford (RNLI)
James Vaughan (RNLI)
Some images from the event: