Saffron Walden County High School and Partner Primary Schools Summer School at Ultralab to Celebrate Creative Summer School Work

Today the Saffron Walden County High School and Partner Primary Schools came to Ultralab to spend the day with myself and Hal MacLean to work on the DVD case designs of their Summer School project. For this challenge the young people involved in the project learned how to work with the Photo Shop application. Thirty

Bangkok Teacher Training, Creative Learning

I’ve spent the past week in Bangkok, I’ve been asked to stay on and train teachers how to use technology for creative learning, the project extends the work in Phuket, read about it here: Watch the report about the Bangkok project: Watch Matthew Eaves talking about the project on TV5: Some images from the

Saffron Walden County High School and Partner Primary Schools 2005 Summer School Challenge

Ultralab friend Patrick Gordon and pupils from Saffron Walden County High School attended Ultralab today to show off their creative projects completed during their summer break in August. Before the summer the group spent the day at Ultralab learning how to make films, animations and music. We concentrated on a new application called ‘Comic Life’

Spending time at TVNZ

I have been spending the last three days working from the TVNZ buildings during my tour of New Zealand to explore creativity. At TVNZ I am working with Liz Donnelly on a proposal which would see television content created by young people for broadcast on the ‘TV2’ channel. The work we are doing builds on

A day at St. James School, Christchurch New Zealand – One of the most creative schools in the world

I spent most of the day with one of the most creative schools I have ever seen in the world. St. James’s School in Christchurch New Zealand is based in a part of Christchurch with high levels of unemployment and career opportunity. For this reason, the school has been classified with a low rating status.