Skegness Lifeboat Station visited for Lifeboats.TV

18-20th February 2002
In Skegness we met Joel, the longest serving RNLI person in the country. Joel had been part of the lifeboat station since he was three years old. Joel’s father and grand father also served on the crew.
All the research conducted so far on this project has been done in conjunction with young people, exploring how creative use of technology could be used to enhance their learning, bringing the RNLI bang up to date with its uses of technology at the same time.
Watch a male crew member explain how the more cakes baked the worse the weather was.
Matthew Eaves (Ultralab)
Colin Elsey (Ultralab)
Dunstan Bertschinger (Ultralab Support Teacher from Summer School Project)
Pete Bradshaw (Ultralab)
Alison Gee (Ultralab)
Micky Slatford (RNLI)
Some images from the event:

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