Tobermory becomes last Lifeboat Station filming location for Lifeboats.TV

17th to the 20th of March 2002.
Tobermory, the last and most ‘eventful’ of Ultralab’s visits to lifeboats stations for the project. Missing a plane, hitting a deer, arriving four hours late, and finally staying in a haunted hotel with two RNLI representatives that were scared of ghosts, what could possibly happen next?
While interviewing on the Tobermory lifeboat a real life shout came in and the Ultralab team joined the lifeboat crew at sea to record this chance in a lifetime event. We’d like to thank the Tobermory crew for all you did, we’ll never forget our days on Mull.
For the Ultralab team Tobermory helped us to understand what it really was like to be a crew member, I remember standing on the back of a lifeboat looking in the the sea, in the dark, in a storm thinking “Matt, please don’t miss seeing someone needing help in the water”….. I remember my heart beating fast.
All the research conducted so far on this project has been done in conjunction with young people, exploring how creative use of technology could be used to enhance their learning, bringing the RNLI bang up to date with its uses of technology at the same time.
Watch a male crew member being asked if he has ever been scared on a shout by our Hamish.
Matthew Eaves (Ultralab)
Colin Elsey (Ultralab)
Alex Blanc (Ultralab)
Micky Slatford (RNLI)
Aileen Thomas (RNLI)
Some images from the event:

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