Find out if your old cars are still on the road…

Click the following link to go through to the Governments Vehicle Licence Website… it is really quite interesting. The page allows you and me to input details of vehicles to find out if they are taxed or not, and how much the road tax for each vehicle actually is. (Click ‘Vehicle Enquiry’ followed by ‘Next’ to get there).

Thinking outside the box this would mean that I could input details of old vehicles myself and my family have owned as I know the ‘registration plate’ the ‘make’ and the ‘model’ ….. and I can find out if those vehicles are still on the road.

For my first car, a (no jokes please!!) Vauxhall Nova (made in 1990) – no record exists
2nd car was a green Astra (1996 model) – still being taxed each year apparently
3rd car (1998 Astra) – has apparently not been on the road since February of this year
4th car (2000 Accord) – taxed and still on the road… Dread to think what the petrol bill has been for that juicy thing!

And of course, the car I drive a the moment is taxed as you would expect…

strada.jpgBut more interestingly, looking back at some of my parents old cars (which are now all off the road) found our old blue Fiat Strada… with ‘go faster’ stripes along the door…. Many happy a time we had travelling in that car on holidays down South…. my brother and I had hardly any leg space as the foot wells were full of bedding and sleeping bags… We both threw up in it too, at exactly the same moment, when we were very young…..

The family sold the vehicle in 1988….

R.I.P Strada (looks like it stopped driving in 1993) ….