Cleveratom (2006-2011) Move Delayed

We’re meant to be moving today from our home ‘Ongar Towers’ at the Essex Technology & Innovation Centre into our new bigger offices in Springfield Road, Chelmsford. Solicitors moving slowly (not ours!) has resulted in a slight delay, until that moment we remain at Ongar. So contact details remain the same, we’ll release our new

Quick Update – New Staff, New Board, New Office, New Projects…..

We’ve been running now for five months, enjoying the projects and experiences. We got to the point where we needed somebody to help us deliver on some of our technology based projects, and we’ve interviewed and hired our first employee… Welcome to Damian who will be joining us shortly. Our project list has been expanding

Cleveratom (2006-2011) Update & Projects: The End of Week Seven

It is nearly half past seven on Friday evening, I’m sitting at my desk in Cleveratom (2006-2011)’s offices in Ongar, Essex. What a seven week rollercoaster it has been for Alex, Hal and myself as we’ve worked hard to establish and build up Cleveratom (2006-2011) from scratch. People often ask us ‘what exactly is it