Update your bookmarks I’ve moved again…

After three years of Drupal troubles, slow page loads and Captain Birdseye, my Ultralab (1990-2006) server finally giving up the ghost, it was time to move home.

It took ages, to move the remains of a Movable Type and Drupal blog into WordPress, and I’ve decided to start the new installation in WordPress, and change the domain name to get everything singing from the same place.

Big thanks to Alex, who has moved the earth to make blog entries that were pointed at birdseye.ultralab.net and matt.ultralab.net repoint to www.mattheweaves.co.uk

Please change your bookmarks: I’m at www.mattheweaves.co.uk now.

One thought on “Update your bookmarks I’ve moved again…

  • Katy Wills
    November 13, 2006 at 8:04 pm

    Hiya! Matt,

    I was just checking my emails on Orange webmail tonight, just as well I did! I wanted to say that I think your new blog page looks great! 🙂 Really catchy!
    Well Done!

    Hope everything is going well for you?!

    Take care
    Katy “/)

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