A12 Widening at Hatfield Peveral and Witham

Back in October last year I was featured on BBC Essex Radio covering the traffic in Springfield Road in Chelmsford, click here to read what I had to say, and listen to the BBC Essex recording.

As a persistent travel moaner on Twitter (my words) I was approached and asked to comment to BBC Essex Richard Martin on the A12 widening at Hatfield Peveral and Witham, the feature was part of the Ray Clark Breakfast Show.

The broadcast happened outside D’s Cafe just off the Hatfield Peveral slip road.

Richard¬†asked the lady from D’s to talk about how the new roadworks would impact on trade, and the lady from D’s took the moment to promote her


It is about time the A12 was widened between Witham and Hatfield Peveral, it has been trouble for years.

Listen to the recording here:

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