Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Summer School 2006

Today Neil Boughen and myself headed up the M11 to Cambridge to support the local Anglia Ruskin Summer School 2006 at Cambridge Campus. The one week ‘Introduction to University’ programme demonstrates to Anglia Ruskinparticipants what University life can be like, and is aimed at those who’s parents have not been to University. Neil and I were there for two hours, introducing the young people to the work of Ultralab globally followed by an hour session called ‘An Introduction to Animation’. Due to the time limitations we decided to set the young people our quickest challenge, which is the start with a clay ball and return it to its original state by the end of their work. Each young person received an email copy of their work, those with Bluetooth telephones left with their work on their phone. DVD’s were also made for all the participants.

Ultralab also ran the entire Essex based Summer School on behalf of the Anglia Ruskin University, a week long event, you’ll find information on that project here on the website. Ultralab has been running Anglia Ruskin’s Summer School’s for the past five years, this was the last time we will be working with John Butcher, Director of Summer Schools. John leaves the University at the end of the month to pursue new avenues, we wish him the very best luck for the future.

Here is the work created within the one hour period from the five participating groups within the one hour period:

 Movie 1: Play Now | Play in Popup
 Blobber: Play Now | Play in Popup
 Baby: Play Now | Play in Popup
 Cool Ball: Play Now | Play in Popup
 Smiley: Play Now | Play in Popup

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