UEA Clay Animation Session

Hal MacLean and myself were delighted to be invited to UEA (University of East Anglia) in Norwich to deliver a Clay Animation and Music Session to a group of 24 students and staff. The applications we explored and worked with during the session were: iStopMotion GarageBand iMovie iTunes It was the second week of the

Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford Summer School 2006 Completes!

The Anglia Ruskin Summer School 2006 completed today. The objective of the project was to show University life to young people who are considering a University education but their parents have not attended University themselves. Throughout the week the young people have worked with various people across the University, on Wednesday the young people spent

Presenting learning for creative purpose and new and emerging technologies at Ultralab to Cambridge University Jesus College

Anglia Ruskin Unviersity’s Ultralab, the world class learning, technology and research centre was invited to present our work. Ultralab team members speak at conferences and seminars, we disseminate our research findings and radical action research projects to governments, corporations, charities and academics globally. Malcolm Moss and myself were kindly invited and headed to Jesus College

King Harold School young people come to Ultralab for Final Cut Pro video editing masterclass

On the 26th of January 2006 eight creative learners from King Harold School worked in Ultralab at Anglia Ruskin University with researchers Hal MacLean and Matthew Eaves to further their skills with Final Cut Pro, a computer application to create and edit visual material. The young people at King Harold School work closely with the