Presenting learning for creative purpose and new and emerging technologies at Ultralab to Cambridge University Jesus College

Anglia Ruskin Unviersity’s Ultralab, the world class learning, technology and research centre was invited to present our work. Ultralab team members speak at conferences and seminars, we disseminate our research findings and radical action research projects to governments, corporations, charities and academics globally. Malcolm Moss and myself were kindly invited and headed to Jesus College in Cambridge to present the research of Ultralab to a collection of individuals interested in new and emerging technologies and how Ultralab are using them within teaching and learning.
I introduced Ultralab, its rich history of projects and the achievements over the past twenty years. I spoke about UltraSMS, developed by Ultralab’s Tim Ellis, we introduced Tim’s new ‘SMS Voting’ feature, which went down well with the audience, who enjoyed the ‘visual’ voting.
Malcolm spoke about our work on ‘Gearbox’, ‘eViva’, ‘Plone’, ‘Ultraversity’ and various other Ultralab innovations and our uses of current open source software.
It was good to present with Malcolm, we were also provided with a Christmas dinner celebration in the evening in a room next to the famous chapel, we stayed the night in the College accommodation.
The college is beautiful, the slab floors are wearing with hundreds of years of footsteps, the rooms are warm, drenched in history and amazing to see first hand.
It was also an experience staying in the accommodation the students use, knowing that a few hundred years worth of undergraduates have worked from the rooms. Jesus College is meant to be one of the most haunted of the colleges in Cambridge, sadly the arranged Ghost Walk was cancelled.
It is amazing how small the world is coming, the event co-ordinator, Catherine Bone, taught me HTML when I was at University, eight years ago.
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