Bad business and real reviews, the power of blogging!

Every now and again we have a bad experience with a company or organisation which we part money with, who then either don’t deliver on what they said they would, produce a product which does not do what it says on the tin, or operate a call centre which requires the pressing of button 2 then 3 then 2 again and *0 to talk to a human thirty minutes later (because your call is very important to them, hut-hum) followed by a brief chat with someone who then transfers you through to someone else, who transfers you to someone else, who cuts you off.

If you’ve ever had any of the above, welcome to Britian.

Anyway, my good University buddy and Colleague, Mr. Tom Stacey has started to blog bad customer service, bad initiatives and simply poor service from our nationals major corporations.

I had a moan about mobile telephone network o2 recently, 63 people have clicked the article and read the entire article it at this moment in time. We all have our gripes.

Take a look at what Tom has to say about discount telephone calls.

So why blog about it? Fact of the matter is that blogging has become the people’s voice, the real persons opportunity to say and write what they think, blogging has become the Watchdog of the Internet, real people, real experiences.

You only have to know that Hollywood is scared of this man because what he writes about films really has an impact on box offices globally, and he’s been blogging for years.

But life aint all bad, we should share great experiences with those that take our money too!

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