BBC 2W to Close :-(

I was sad this morning to read on Digital Spy that BBC 2W is to close. Another sad loss from the BBC cutbacks. Regional stuff is great, I hate the way ITV has lost its regional identity over the past 10 years.

Last year former Ultralab (1990-2006) colleague Geraint Lang and I headed over to Wales to work for BBC 2W making the Christmas animation idents with some really creative six year olds. This was one of the best projects I ever had the pleasure of working on, a great end to my career at Ultralab (1990-2006) (RIP).

The team behind BBC 2W is quite simply brilliant. A sad day for regional 2w.pngTV.

See the pictures and read about the 2W Christmas Ident Project.

Watch the final idents that were created by the six year olds.

One thought on “BBC 2W to Close :-(

  • Geraint
    October 19, 2007 at 4:27 pm

    Thanks for this information Matt. This is indeed sad news, and, very much reminiscent of the demise of Ultralab (1990-2006), the decision to close BBC 2W is a poorly informed and short-sighted move, made with little thought to the BBC’s long term future, with the only focus being on the BBC’s balance sheet.

    It is indisputable that BBC management need to ensure the accounts books balance; however quality programmes attract viewers, as do those that have involved the viewers themselves in the making of such programmes.

    As your article indicates, you and I were both very privileged to be involved in the making of the BBC 2W Christmas 2006 Idents, as we were with the BBC Blast programme, and our work with the BBC has continued since. What stands out from each of those experiences is the amount of interest, engagement and enthusiasm that such participative opportunities create amongst the viewers themselves. This in turn results in lasting goodwill generated towards the programme-makers, as well as providing a myriad of learning experiences for both viewer and broadcaster alike.

    The BBC must not lose sight of one of their primary responsibilities to the licence-payer-that is to provide the best possible viewing (and listening) experience, not only by producing quality news and sports programmes, along with a range of entertaining series, but by continually engaging with their audience, developing and utilising new technology and media and enabling those viewers as representatives of their local groups, to be a continuing part of that evolving process.

    The loss of BBC 2W is a misguided and ill-advised move, as it significantly reduces opportunities for such aforementioned initiatives, with the knock-on effect of further diluting regional representation and identity in the media.

    Advocates of this move may well offer the alternative of space within other BBC channels’ schedules-BBC 1 Wales in this case. However, there appears little room to do that there, hence why BBC 2W was created in the first place. This move will stifle innovation and move the BBC away from its premier position as a world leader in broadcasting, and towards a position amongst the lower divisions of industry.

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