After months of planning, and many trips between North Building Chelmsford and BBC TV Centre….we’re really pleased to announce that the Ultralab (1990-2006) team will be joining the BBC onboard the national BBC Blast Truck tour.

It all kicks off in Liverpool next week, I’ll be there running creativity workshops and supporting creative young people to reach their potential with digital technologies.

The truck will be heading all over England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales providing creative opportunity for the 13-19 age range. It will stop at each of the locations for a period of around three days and will work with the local community to support young people with creative ideas. BBC 2 television will be following the truck for part of the tour.

Dance, Arts, Animation, Film and Music will be central for the tour…

Ultralab (1990-2006) have a long and rich history working with the BBC from the early days of BBC Online right through to the big research project into the future of childrens television Input CBBC back in 2001.

BBC Blast and Ultralab (1990-2006) have worked together in 2004 (at the V&A) and more recently on the creativity stand at BETT Show 2005 and at the presentation to the BBC senior management celebrating Blast.

blast_logo_203x152.jpgHal MacLean, Hamish Scott-Brown and myself will cover each of the locations (one per venue) supported by other Ultranaut’s along the way….Really looking forward to working with Shirley Pickford in Liverpool.

Real exciting times as the worlds most innovative broadcaster partners with our team for another exciting adventure together with other big real key players and leading lights in the digital creativity evolution.

Check out our Digital Creativity History from 2000 – 2004 (I’m writing 2005/6 into the new site, which will launch soon, watch this space).

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