Cinema Movie Film Review : Batman Begins (Christian Bale, Katie Holmes, Michael Cain, Morgan Freeman)

Yesterday evening I headed to the Cineworld cinema in Braintree to watch Batman Begins.

I’ve not seen a Batman movie in the cinema since Batman Returns back in 1992.

The story follows how Batman came into existence, I’m not really a fan of these movies but the trailor for the film is excellent, and made me go and watch it.

The film is painfully slow to start, and even though it dragged on and on, the opening explanation was all still hurried. I’m not sure the story of the blue flower made any real sense at all, again, all too hurried, but still dragged on.

The story follows how Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents, all due to his fear of bats.

Lots of explosions, train derailments, deep ‘Batman’ style voices, roof scenes, cool ‘Batmobile’…..but no Robin.

The ‘Bat logo’ and the ‘Batmobile’ look very cool, I can’t understand why these would look so cool if Batman is to ‘downgrade’ to less for the later movies if this is the story of how ‘Batman Begins’….. food for thought…..

Worth watching.

Watch the Batman Begins Trailer.

“Why do we fall over? So we can learn to pick ourselves up” …

8 out of 10.

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