Drupal : The bits I don’t like…

I like Drupal, it is very slick.

Drupal is the free community software, stored on my server at Ultralab (1990-2006) which serves this dynamic driven website. I’ve moved from ‘Movable Type‘ to Drupal because of the constant spamming of the comments fields by the nasty internet spam people within my previous Movable Type managed homepage.

However, there are a couple of bugs I’ve found with Drupal….not big, but frustrating…..First one is that there is no field for ‘Name’ when an unregistered guest leaves a comment to a blog entry, just a field allowing a comment.

The second bug concerns bold, Italic, Underline and

  • lists…
  • ….displayed as bullet points

Drupal takes the first part of a blog entry and displays it as a preview, allowing the reader to click a link and read the rest of an entry, if the reader like what they have already previewed. However, if a bold, Italic, Underline or even a list tag is not closed by the end of the preview code, automatically extracted by Drupal…… you’ll find the rest of the entire blog front page ends up in bold, Italic, Underline or as a list because the end tag (in HTML code) has not been closed within the preview selection.

If this is confusing, I agree.

In brief, if I was to write an entire and very long entry in my blog in bold text the ‘end bold’ ( ) HTML tag would not be included in the preview text, therefore the browser has not been told to stop bolding text and the entire website from that point onward would continue to display in bold text.

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