Emailing more than one photo on the iPhone is really annoying

I picked up my free iPhone 3G upgrade from Carphone Warehouse
yesterday, I had no idea as an o2 customer that picking up the upgrade
from there was possible, I thought I had to pick it up from an o2
store, which have been out of stock for weeks…. Apparently Carphone
Warehouse has had the iPhone available for two weeks…. It was only
through calling them that I found out they could manage the upgrade,
and I would still deal with o2 directly when and if an issue happened.
The only issue with CW was the 45 minute wait to be served.

Anyway, back to the point….

One thing that really annoyed me about my old iPhone (Justina's new
phone) is that when I wanted to send photographs by email I could only
include one photo per email, and only add another photo to a new email
and send it once the previous email had sent. I disliked this for two
reasons; firstly, if I want to share say five photo's to one person
sending five seperate emails to them is annoying, secondly; I hate the
fact that I can't start a fresh email till the last mail has sent,
this is stupid.

I understand that Apple are probably trying to help o2 by reducing
traffic on the network by making the sending of multiple photo's
awkward, but I'll still send multiple photo's…. So what is the point?

Because my old iPhone ran on 'Edge' and the new one runs on the much
much faster '3G' I expected the photo restriction to be lifted on my
new phone, but it had not (see above image which shows the greyed out
button stopping me from creating a new message till the previous
message had sent).

Come on Apple, this is so unlike you…. let users send multiple
images in one email.

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