France – Germany – Switzerland – Austria

We woke this morning in a ‘B&B’ brand hotel and started the short journey to the German border stopping at a hypermarket to get a few bits for the journey (including my new favorite drink, ice tea). Once over the boarder and with Justina as navigator we headed into the black forest. The black forest part of the journey was amazing, as we ventured further in the higher the hills and the deeper the snow, we have some great pictures. Once through the forest we headed south towards a lake and eventually found the crossing car ferry port which would take us to Switzerland. Justina had spotted the car ferry on our European map so we decided to fund out how much it would cost in time and Money to cross. Arriving at the ferry port there was one empty car and a motorbike queued up to cross. We parked behind the car and walked over to the biker to ask if he knew the next ferry sailing time and how much it was going to cost to cross and how do we pay. The biker did not speak much English but understood my very bad rubbish sign language, we understood his too. We got talking to other passengers waiting for the ferry and learned that the crossing would depart soon and we pay on board. Swiss customs checked our passport as we drove onto the ferry on the German side and we paid €25 for the crossing. Once parked on the very unbusy (for vehicles) ferry we headed upstairs to the lounge area and were served hot drinks. In the lounge was an amazing selection of people and animals. A drunk man irregularly burst into loud song every now and again during the 40 minute journey, three massive dogs laid sprawled across the floor and Jus kept pointing out ’80s pop group man’ who she decided, with his massive hair, looked like he was famous (for singing). Once in Switzerland we drove (avoiding toll roads (as we had no Swiss cash)) looking for a hotel. Within an hour we had not found a hotel, but did find the border to Austria, so we crossed it. We kept driving and driving till we found a big town and an Ibis Hotel. I don’t know where we are (Jus does, but she is asleep) and have no idea which direction we are heading next (Jus does, but she is asleep). We found a restaurant and had pasta, the restaurant, although very nice, was very smokey…… How I love the UK smoking ban (I just wish UK smokers would not smoke right outside entrance and exit doors, which kind of defeats the object as non smokers have to choke through it to get in and out). We ate a really nice meal and headed back to our hotel, ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Jus is asleep.

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